Barça will offer the letter of freedom to Umtiti and Pjanic

Barça will offer the letter of freedom to Umtiti and Pjanic

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Barça will offer the letter of freedom to Umtiti and Pjanic

Rumors are already beginning to emerge about the more than possible departure of players like Griezmann or Coutinho. The Frenchman has a good poster in several leagues and the Brazilian in the Premier League. Both players could leave for an interesting amount of money that would leave the club’s coffers somewhat more healthy. These slight rumors are joined by the almost official departure of Júnior Firpo to Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds, who will pay around 15 million euros for the Spanish side.

However, the most striking case with which we woke up yesterday is the exclusive of sports world which ensures that Barça is determined to grant the letter of freedom to Umtiti and Pjanic.

The French thing is understandable, because he has been showing a very poor level for three consecutive years, far from the footballer that one day he became. In addition, the player charges an exorbitant amount of money and there is no team interested in paying for him, much less trying to match the salary figure that Barça grants him.

Something stranger is the case of Miralem Pjanic, a footballer that no one has ever doubted, but who has not had enough opportunities to prove his worth. A year after paying 70 million euros for his hiring, the club seems determined that he leaves totally free to avoid paying his monthly salary.

Admittedly, the Umtiti case seems somewhat more hopeless, but the Bosnian situation is salvageable. In the first place, the player is absolutely right that he should have been shown more confidence and given the odd opportunity in controlled matches in which Barça did not risk his life either. It is also an option to allow the player to go on loan this season so that he can regain his good level and allow the club to make money next season.

What seems to be clear is that the exit operation is beginning, and once the starting gun is fired, it will not be easy to stop it.