Basik's novel Conversations with Escape will be given a stage form

Basik's novel Conversations with Escape will be given a stage form


Illustration photo – Singer Bára Basiková (on archive photo).

Prague – For the singer Bára Basiková's 60th birthday, director and choreographer Martin Dvořák is preparing a multi-genre stage adaptation of her novel from the 1980s, Conversations with Escape. The Prague premiere will be in April and the Brno premiere in May. Basik's literary first from the 80s is a poetic novel with the theme of lesbian love and a young girl's search for love. A number of filmmakers and theatergoers have shown interest in its adaptation, but it has not yet received a visual form. The author of the novel is celebrating her life anniversary today.

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ProART Company, which Dvořák founded in 2005, informed about the upcoming production. In one of its dramaturgical lines, the ensemble devotes itself to the dramatization of literary works and creates performances that connect movement, dance, voice, words, music and visual elements. According to the authors, the dramatization of Conversations with Escape will be an intimate psychological piece with a poetic perception of the world of the protagonist Anna. The performance is designed for four actors – the narrator, Anna, Kew's lover and a man.

In a story about interpersonal relationships, the emotional search and maturation of an individual, the narrator rationally advances the plot, comments on situations and enters into a dialogue with the other actors. As acting dancers, Anna and Kew create an emotional, emotional and pictorial plane. All male characters are combined into a single representative.

The novel itself was created in 1982 and waited for its publication for several years. It became a favorite among readers after the Velvet Revolution in the 1990s. The book is said to be the first contemporary Czech novel with a lesbian theme.

The project dedicated to the novel Basiková develops ProART's dramaturgy focused on important personalities of Czech culture and stage adaptations of literary works. In the past, projects about Emma Destinnová, Ivan Blatná, Jiří Orten, Vladimír Holan, Vítězslav Kaprálová, Hugo and Pavlo Haas, Ivo Vána Psot or Božena Němcová were created in this way. The author of the project is Martin Dvořák, who is also the creator of the mentioned performances. The new performance will be performed in a non-theatre space – in the House of Arts in Brno and the Akropolis Palace in Prague.

Basiková is a prominent personality of the Czech music scene. She sang in the bands Precedens and Stromboli, and released several solo albums. A significant part of her career consists of performing in musicals, which she started in 1994 under the title Jesus Christ Superstar. She wrote the novel Conversations with Escape at the age of 19. Her parable about the search for love, which goes from absolute euphoria to agonizing states, was republished last year.