Because of Afghanistan and Corona: Trump hands out heavily against Biden – and is booed by fans

Because of Afghanistan and Corona: Trump hands out heavily against Biden – and is booed by fans

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Because of Afghanistan and Corona: Trump hands out heavily against Biden – and is booed by fans

Updated: 08/23/202119:26

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Ex-US President Donald Trump clearly railed against his successor Joe Biden over the Afghanistan disaster. When it comes to Corona, he himself comes under fire.

Munich / Washington / Kabul – Donald Trump is currently not having an easy time of it. Parts of his The border wall between Arizona and Mexico simply buckled in heavy rain*. And then the former US president was also at an event in Cullman in Alabama was booed by his own fans. He had them vaccinated against the coronavirus* suggested. (All the latest news about developments in Afghanistan can be found in our brand new daily Afghanistan newsletter.)

And so ex-US President Donald Trump did what he likes to do. The former head of government went on the offensive and instead attacked his successor, Joe Biden of the Democratic Party. Because of the disaster surrounding the withdrawal of the US and its allies from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan withdrawal: Donald Trump hands out violently against Joe Biden

“Biden failed in the pandemic and is now responsible for the greatest foreign policy humiliation in United States history. Vietnam looks like a showcase strategy compared to Joe Biden’s disaster, ”Trump said at an event in front of many supporters on a farm in Cullman.

This is “not a retreat. That was a total surrender. Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan is the most amazing display of gross incompetence by the leader of a nation, perhaps of all time, “continued the 75-year-old Trump:” We could have left the country with honor. Instead, we are now leaving it with the opposite of honor. “

In the video: Joe Biden continues to hope that Afghanistan will be withdrawn on August 31st

On Monday (August 23, local time) Joe Biden also spoke about Afghanistan. The 78-year-old commander in chief of the American armed forces did this from Washington. Specifically: He defended the withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan and criticized the Afghan government and the local security forces for not defending themselves against the Taliban.

Most recently, following the withdrawal of the Americans, the German Bundeswehr and other NATO forces, the Afghan military collapsed, sometimes without a fight, as the Taliban marched into Kabul.

Afghanistan withdrawal: Joe Biden defends himself, Donald Trump attacks

A large-scale evacuation mission is currently underway by the NATO states for diplomats, their nationals and Afghan local staff who have supported the alliance in its endeavors for lasting democracy in recent years. The Taliban have surrounded the airport in the capital Kabul, which is being held militarily by thousands of US soldiers, German paratroopers and special forces from other nations. (pm) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA