Before Pfizer and Moderna, Variante Lambda does not neutralize vaccines

Before Pfizer and Moderna, Variante Lambda does not neutralize vaccines

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Before Pfizer and Moderna, Variante Lambda does not neutralize vaccines

According to the World Health Organization, the Lambda variant, also known as C.37 and originated in Peru in August 2020, was has already been detected in dozens of countries in the world. Due to its spread throughout South America, the WHO has named it a variant of interest.

According to the United States CDC, Lambda has some mutations seen in previous variants as well like Alpha, Beta and Gamma that can increase the transmission of contagion.

Another mutation has also been found that shares with the Delta variant and that makes it easier for the virus to infect lung cells. The good news is that research done by New York University (NYU) show that messenger RNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna have no problem neutralizing Lambda.

In this regard, Dr. Wesley Long, Medical Director of Diagnostic Microbiology at Houston Methodist Hospital commented that, “Lambda is not as dangerous as Delta, which will be the dominant variant in the world in no time. However, it is a variant of interest and the only way to combat current variants and the emergence of others is by getting vaccinated. No matter which letter of the Greek alphabet appears with future variants, the point is that vaccination is our best defense. It is either vaccinated or infected, that simple ”, concludes the Houston Methodist Hospital specialist.

Located in the Texas Medical Center, Houston Methodist Hospital is considered for 9 consecutive years as number one in the state of Texas and in the city of Houston by the prestigious US News & World Report magazine (2012-2020). In 2021, Newsweek magazine included the Houston Methodist in the list of the 100 best hospitals worldwide.

Houston Methodist Hospital is recognized in the world for its cutting-edge medical research, for the care and care of its patients and for its areas of high specialty in: Oncology, Cardiology and Heart Surgery; Diabetes and Endocrinology; Gastroenterology and Gastrointestinal Surgery; Geriatrics; Nephrology; Neurology and Neurosurgery; Orthopedics and Sports Medicine; Pulmonology and Transplants; Otolaryngology and Gynecology.

Additionally, Houston Methodist Hospital is recognized worldwide for its leadership in covid-19 research. Houston Methodist Hospital has a renowned Wellness area where first-rate studies and check-ups are carried out. In this way, a complete and comprehensive picture of the physical and health status of each individual is obtained and, through a multidisciplinary group of experts, a precise and personalized future health program can be built.

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