Before the first national team goal, Sadílek persuaded Černý to let him take the free kick

Before the first national team goal, Sadílek persuaded Černý to let him take the free kick

Before the first national team goal, Sadialect persuaded Černe to let him ;mý kop

Preparation football match Montenegro – Czech Republic, June 20, 2023, Podgorica. Michal Sadílek from the Czech Republic rejoices at the goal.

Podgorica – Midfielder Michal Sadílek helped the Czech footballers with their first national team goal to win 4:1 in the training session in Montenegro. Václav Černý was originally supposed to take the direct kick in Podgorica, but Sadílek persuaded his teammate from Twente Enschede to leave the standard situation to him.

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In the 57th minute, the twenty-four-year-old midfielder curled a free kick right to the post and made it 2:0. In the 16th match for the national team, he scored for the first time. “It happened that right after the foul, I saw that Váša (Černý) asked Suk (Tomáš Souček) if he could take the free kick. So I persuaded Váša that I would shoot it, that I wanted to score the first national team goal. And we succeeded,” Sadílek said on the YouTube channel of the Czech national team.

Černý was also happy with his hit. “Miša came between us and, since he is also left-handed, he said to me: 'Yours, I will hit it and score the first goal'. Suk and I agreed and it was his,” commented the 25-year-old winger, who contributed two goals to Saturday's win 3 :0 in the Faroe Islands in the qualification for the European Championship.

The players of coach Jaroslav Šilhavý scored in the last game of the season. More Czech goals were added by Mojmír Chytil in the first half and substitute Lukáš Provod and Adam Hložek in the final quarter of an hour. Driton Camaj of Montenegro reduced the score to 1:2 in the 66th minute. “Of course, we always go into the match with the idea that we want to score zero at the back. But we are happy that we managed the match in terms of results, and I think also in terms of play,” said Sadílek.

“Even in in the first half we had several chances that we could have converted. In the end, it only happened in the second half, when we added a few more goals, and we are happy for that,” added the former player of Slovácko, Liberec and PSV Eindhoven, whom in the 76th minute replaced by his older brother Lukáš.