Belén Estévez to Erick Elera after criticizing Queens of the show: “It’s a double face”

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Belén Estévez to Erick Elera after criticizing Queens of the show: “It’s a double face”

It is not silent. Bethlehem Estévez He spoke after the criticisms made by Erick Elera towards the production of Queens of the show, after the presentation of his wife Allison Pastor in the last edition of the program.

“Production can provide me with a fork, a knife and a plate because I want to eat a double-sided stuffed pancake and I want to taste it well,” the Argentine began declaring in America today.

Likewise, the member of the jury of the Gisela Valcárcel space called the actor ‘double face’, because weeks ago he was in the program with his son, supporting his wife.

“It seems to me that Erick Elera has been a double-sided pancake because two Saturdays ago he was with Gisela Valcárcel and in his face he told her that he was very happy and grateful with the opportunity that was given to his wife, and that that track was wonderful and blah, blah, blah, “said Belén Estévez.

What did Erick Elera say about the production of Queens of the show?

Through his social networks, Erick Elera published a message where he hinted that the production of the program Reinas del show did not give him the facilities for his wife Allison Pastor to make a good presentation on stage.

Zero lights, zero set designs, they don’t let you do loads or tricks, they don’t want you to do hairstyles. They put a cane as an element and you keep breaking it with a new, good and determined dancer, “he said in his Instagram stories.

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