Best home remedies for lip care

Dry, chapped lips — it is unpleasant, ugly and sometimes painful. The thin skin of the lips needs special care, but something you can find in the Arsenal of home remedies. Here are the best 4.

Лучшие домашние средства для ухода за губами

The reason for the susceptibility of this zone is that lip skin is thin, has no subcutaneous fat and sebaceous glands. As a result, it loses moisture faster than the skin in other parts of the body, dries out, becomes less elastic and tear.

Best home remedies for lip care

Soft cheese and honey

Home remedy for dry lips — a mixture of curd and honey.

“Since both products have very good properties: the cottage cheese provides the necessary moisture and nutrients, and honey contains active ingredients counteracting inflammation”, — the newspaper writes Focus.

Beeswax and olive oil

These two home remedies are less noticeable on the lips — you can not hesitate to go with them on the street. Beeswax and olive oil — fat products protect the skin from drying out. It is a wonderful nourishing treatment for your lips.

Humidifier — to prevent rather than treat

If you have chapped lips occur in specific conditions of dry air, you should understand the indoor climate, use a humidifier during the heating season.

The moisture from the inside

It sounds corny, but to prevent drying of the skin drink enough. At least 2-3 liters of plain water, mineral water or herbal tea. Suffering from dry lips, you should especially heed the advice.

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