Best man revenge on friend’s annoying fiancee with toast

Best man revenge on friend’s annoying fiancee with toast

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Best man revenge on friend’s annoying fiancee with toast

Schafer took revenge on a friend’s fiancee, who tried to get him to follow strange rules at the wedding, with a toast. The man spoke about this in a post on the site. Reddit…

The author of the publication shared a story with users in the AmItheAsshole subreddit (“Aren’t I a bastard?”). A 30-year-old man revealed that his friend got married in June. Before the wedding, he warned the couple that he was limited in finances due to repairs and the upcoming birth of a child, but promised to help with the organization of the holiday if possible. Shafer prepared $ 300 (21.9 thousand rubles) as a gift for the newlyweds, but he never gave them the envelope.

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Best man revenge on friend’s annoying fiancee with toast

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The man said that the bride of a friend wrote to him several times a day – she talked about the rules that guests will have to follow during the ceremony. So, she forbade the best man’s wife to talk about pregnancy at the holiday and asked her to wear a dress in which the belly is not visible, so that the guests would not switch their attention from the bride to the mother-to-be. The woman said that the best man’s congratulatory speech should be addressed not only to the groom, but also to her, and jokes and stories about the groom, in which she did not appear, were prohibited.

The man got angry and shared his displeasure with a friend. However, he asked him not to contradict the bride and to do everything as she wants to avoid conflict. “I generally have to deal with her nonsense for the rest of my life,” said the groom.

On their wedding day, the bride and groom constantly made comments to the best man on all sorts of occasions. When the man went down to the bar, the bride’s mother asked him not to get drunk, because “he already ruined her daughter’s holiday.” The woman’s remark was the last straw. Shafer decided not to give the couple an envelope with money, and in his congratulatory speech he turned only to the groom and wished him patience. “Now you have to deal with her nonsense every day. But I will always be by your side, especially during your divorce, ”said the man.

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