Beto Quintanilla’s family attacked with bullets in Reynosa

Beto Quintanilla’s family attacked with bullets in Reynosa

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Beto Quintanilla’s family attacked with bullets in Reynosa

Carolina Garza

Reynosa / 14.09.2021 21:36:45

The son of the deceased singer Beto Quintanilla confirmed the attack on his mother and siblings in the city of Reynosa, situation for which the woman was interned at this border.

The events occurred last Sunday in the Rodríguez neighborhood when a man aboard a gray car opened fire on the family as they were leaving a restaurant located on San Luis Potosí street. The woman was shot and taken to a private hospital in Reynosa.

The attack on the family of the deceased singer and songwriter of corridos, It happened a few blocks from the Public Security delegation, however, so far the possible identity of the aggressor is unknown.

“God give me the strength to bear this tragedy that we are living, I still cannot believe that this is happening, my family attacked by a soulless subject, shooting my mother at close range and my brothers who are little angels (sic).”

In their social networks, Beto Quintanilla Jr. expressed the anger he feels for this act against his family that occurred in Reynosa.

“God help me with these forces and this courage I bring inside of wanting to go crazy to act and look for the culprit and pay for all this immense pain that the family is going through (sic).”

In another publication, he reported that his mother, Blanca de Quintanilla, came out of the operation well and now only hopes that the recovery goes well.