Better to stick together: Pisces helps Capricorn to stay on his feet on February 14

A loyal friend and ally support in difficult times.

Лучше держаться вместе: Рыбы помогут Козерогу устоять на ногах 14 февраля

Video star communications will provide the strength of Capricorn.

Capricorn February 14 prepared for a hard life. His constellation is Saturn and Pluto, which are themselves heavy planets. In aggregate, their gravity increases, and seriously affect daily life. Under their “views” were crumbling Empire and a vast state has changed the world completely. Therefore, a rough day better stick together, you’ll need a good companion.

Saturn in Capricorn manifests the immensity of the ambitions and overvoltage, leading to loss of consciousness. Pluto just throws more pressure and is “responsible” for conversion – you can catch yourself being too materialistic. Jupiter, as king of the gods, is responsible for the seriousness and straightforwardness. He smooths out the conflicts within stars, weakening their negative impact. However, on 14 February it in the fall, so it does nothing to help Capricorn – he will have to rely on their own strength and force close.

Fish will help to stay on his feet, his fellow Capricorn. The fact that their ruler is in the same constellation, guaranteeing peak power, and ground connects them sekstilâ the mercury-Jupiter. This relationship symbolizes optimism, therefore, in addition to support, the Capricorn will receive a portion of good mood. And even with such “weapons” is not a problem which is not terrible.

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