Beware of Scam! Which Zodiacs will try to “climb the pocket”

They need to be especially careful.

Осторожно, мошенники! Кому из Зодиаков попытаются «залезть в карман»

Astrologers think this February is a favorable month for financial transactions. The effect of the planets promises “easy money”. They just don’t look into the souls of those who give grace. So you can get the crooks.

Some signs can be particularly vulnerable to illegal activities. So at risk are Cancers. Due to the influence of Saturn, may exacerbate the emotional component of the nature of this sign. As a result, they can fall into the trap of scammers who use their “divorce” pity.

Second in the list of those who should be especially careful, Leo. Here the King of beasts can bring self-confidence. After all, he knows all the schemes, methods to counteract them. Yes, that’s just science “climbing the pocket” is not in place. And dishonest people can come up with a new variant, to which Leo is not ready.

Well and completes the top of the Zodiacs, who should keep the pockets closed, Aquarius. It should say that February is just for them a month is very fortunate. That can act relaxing. Coupled with the confusion inherent in this sign, pipe dreams can go sideways. So easily you can lose your Bank card, make a transfer to the wrong number or not to show private data. Therefore astrologers suggest when interacting with money to be careful.

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