Beyond Virtualization – ISTOÉ MONEY

Beyond Virtualization – ISTOÉ MONEY

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Beyond Virtualization – ISTOÉ MONEY

“Technology is a bridge connecting to the future. Anyone who does not build this bridge will have a problem” José duarte, president of VMWARE. (Credit: Disclosure)

The story of Danilo Braz de Maciel is a portrait of the situation in Brazilian education. It took the student two hours to get to the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Norte (IFRN) to do their daily activities. Upon arriving at the library, the computers were not suitable for heavy loads and had no specific software. The way was to queue up to, with luck, use the lab machines. Thus, to graduate in Information Technology carried a greater burden than it should have. That’s when VMware, a software and services company for cloud computing and virtualization, entered the scene. With its Anywhere Workspace solutions and a notebook, it was possible for Danilo Maciel to have access, wherever he was, to the institute’s equipment, files and software. So the student could perform their tasks and become an IT professional. The physical barrier was broken and education was democratized. It is a picture of the power of technology in society. “VMware engages people to unleash their potential,” said the now partner and software developer engineer at GXtec, based in Natal.

Tools Anywhere Workspace is one of five lines of solutions that VMware is focused on offering to the Brazilian market. The others are multicloud, application modernization, security and telecom infrastructure. The objective is to show that the American company — created in 1998 to replicate virtual servers and evolved to deliver data centers and networks — is much more than a channel for virtualization, as it is still seen here. “Today we are able to deliver business transformation for organizations. We have shown our credentials to the local market”, said José Duarte, president of VMware in Brazil.

Another goal established by the executive, who has been with the company for seven years, three of them as commander of the Brazilian operation, is to make the revenue sustainable. Until 2017, there was an oscillation between profit and loss. In the last three years, there has been continuous double-digit growth year on year. “We have grown year after year, not only in numbers, but in relevance in the solutions market,” said Duarte.

CONTROL VMware has Dell Technologies as its main shareholder, with an 80.9% stake. In the biggest deal in technology history, Dell Inc acquired in 2015 EMC Corporation, including its stake in VMware, for $67 billion. “This negotiation did not affect us. Of course Dell, as the biggest holder of the shares, has become a great ally. But we have autonomy, listed on the stock exchange, our own governance, exclusive strategy and board”, said José Duarte.

Beyond Virtualization – ISTOÉ MONEY

DIGITAL PROJECT With VMware solutions, the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte breaks down physical barriers and democratizes education.

Today, the company’s processing, cloud, mobility, networking and security offerings provide a digital base for 500,000 customers worldwide. In 2016, total revenue was $6.57 billion. The fiscal year 2021, which ended on January 31, closed with US$ 11.8 billion, 9% higher than a year before and a positive variation of 88.2% compared to five years ago. The advance in sales continues at a good pace. For the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, calculated through April 30, sales were $2.99 ​​billion, up 9% over the same period last year.

The outlook for Brazil (for the present and for the future) is optimistic. We are in the middle of the year and Duarte already says that it will be the best result of the Brazilian operation at the closing of the balance, in January. “We are going to grow double digits this year even with many companies in investment containment processes. There is a budget to invest in IT and the executives have begun to understand and give due importance to this issue”, said the president, who is in charge of a team of 200 employees, triple that of three years ago. “Technology is a bridge to the future. Anyone who doesn’t build this bridge will have a problem.”

There is a blue horizon for new business and for the maintenance of ongoing contracts, usually extended from time to time. In Brazil, the Central Bank is also a VMware customer. Tools that ensure stability, security and operational capability are used to enable Pix. The architecture includes VMware vRealize Operations, which enables automated IT operations management, the VMware vSphere platform, hypervisor installed directly on the bank’s physical server, and VMware NSX, which protects and preserves data for all transactions. In the telecommunications area, TIM Brasil moved with VMware its entire call center to the home office, at the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020. The Italian giant also did all the part of network virtualization.

RECOMMENDATION Services and solutions that are highlighted in reports from consultants such as Gartner, which in December 2020 included VMware in the magic quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software, with also American company Nutanix. Microsoft was named a visionary in the study. “VMware’s significant installed base of software ensures there is a large pool of I&O offerings [infraestrutura e operações] with skills in VMware management tools for hire,” said Gartner, who also highlighted the multi-cloud environment provided by the company. “VMware has co-engineered hybrid cloud support with public cloud providers including AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and IBM Cloud to support HCI deployments [infraetsrutuira hiperconvergente].”

IDC, a consultancy, placed VMware as a leader in three assessments in early 2021: Worldwide Unified Endpoint Management Software; Worldwide Unified Endpoint Management Software for Apple Devices; and Worldwide Unified Endpoint Management Software for Ruggedized/Internet of Things Deployment.

Indications that make VMware follow its growth plan, with the objective of, in practice, transforming the reality of organizations like the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte and the lives of people like Danilo Maciel.

Beyond Virtualization – ISTOÉ MONEY

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