Biathletes finished seventh in the last SP relay in Östersund, men eleventh

Biathletes finished seventh in the last SP relay in Östersund, men eleventh

The female biathletes finished seventh in the last š tafeta SP in Östersund, the men oneá honor

The relay of biathletes at the WC in Östersund, March 11, 2023. In the middle, Juni Arnekleivová from Norway, Lou Jeanmonnot (left) from France and Elisa Gasparinová from Switzerland.

Östersund (Sweden) – Czech biathletes Jessica Jislová, Tereza Voborníková, Markéta Davidová and Lucie Charvátová took seventh place in the final relay of the World Cup in Östersund. The race was won by the Norwegians, the second France dominated the overall evaluation of the discipline. The Czechs finished seventh in the final standings of the relay.

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The female biathletes finished seventh in the last š tafeta SP in Östersund, the men oneácté sevené, men oneáctí” /> sevené, men oneáctí” />

Female biathletes finished seventh in the last š tafeta SP in Östersund , men honor each other

After a promising start, the last relay of the season did not go well for the national team colleagues, and the team consisting of Michal Krčmář, Tomáš Mikyska, Jakub Štvrtecký and Jonáš Mareček took 11th place. Even the fifth race of the season was won by the Norwegians, despite the fact that the team deployed a combined line-up without the biggest stars due to the coronavirus infection, and confidently confirmed the victory in the overall ranking. The Czechs fell to the final ninth place.

Jislová was passing in 11th place after the first section, but she was in a pack with other teams and lost about 25 seconds to the first place. Voborníková moved the team to seventh position, and Davidová sent the finisher Charvátová to the last six-kilometer section in sixth place in contact with fifth Sweden.

However, the Czech team's attempt to equalize the best position of the season, which was the fifth place in Ruhpolding in mid-January, was ultimately unsuccessful. While domestic Hanna Öbergová shot with only one reload, Charvátová needed three spare rounds and lost. In addition, the Austrian relay team caught up with her from behind, and the Czech competitor lost the duel with Anna Gandlerová at the finish line.

The Norwegians needed only four spare bullets in the entire race and won with a lead of 15.2 seconds over France. The German relay finished third.

Krčmář started the men's relay excellently and thanks to clean shooting he passed in first place. However, his colleagues were not able to follow up on his performance and especially struggled on the shooting range. Mikyska crashed immediately after the first stop, after recharging three times while lying down, he even had to take a penalty lap while standing and passed in 13th place with a loss of over a minute and a half. Štvrtecký also missed three targets lying down and two while standing and did not improve the team's position in any way. Mareček moved up two places on the last stage, losing the fight for a place in the top ten with the Slovenian Alex Cisar by a tenth of a second.

The Norwegians, who were missing the infected Johannes Thingnes Bö, Tarjej Bö and Sturla Holm Laegreid, also won with substitutes sovereignly 22.5 seconds ahead of France. Germany finished third.

WC biathlon competitions in Östersund – relays:

Men (4×7.5 km): 1. Norway (Strömsheim, Sörum, Dale, Christiansen) 1:09:12.4 (0 tr. circuits + 7 charging), 2. France (Lombardot, Guigonnat, Perrot, Fabien Claude) -22.5 (1+8 ), 3. Germany (Rees, Kühn, Nawrath, Doll) -37.4 (1+10), 4. Sweden -59.8 (0+10), 5. Ukraine -1:17.2 (0+4 ), 6. Austria -1:34.2 (0+10), …11. Czech Republic (Krčmář, Mikyska, Štvrtecký, Mareček) -2:57.8 (1+14).

Final order of relays (after 5 races): 1 .Norway 450 b., 2. Germany 330, 3. France 320, …9. Czech Republic 175.

Women (4×6 km): 1. Norway (Arnekleivová, Lienová, Tandrevoldová, Röiselandová) 1:08:00.7 (0 tr. circuits + 4 charging), 2. France (Jeanmonnot, Chevalier, Colombo, Chevalier-Bouchet) -15.2 (0+7), 3. Germany (Hettich-Walz, Kebinger, Voigt, Herrmann-Wick) -27.2 (0+7), 4. Italy -49.0 (0+7), 5. Sweden -1:10.9 (0+10), 6. Austria -1:53.8 (0+3), < 7. Czech Republic (Jislová, Voborníková, Davidová, Charvátová) -1:54.2 (0+10).

Final order of relays (after 5 races): 1 France 345 b., 2. Norway 325, 3. Sweden 321, …7. Czech Republic 188.