Biden claims the wisdom of US attacks on cybercriminals’ servers

Biden claims the wisdom of US attacks on cybercriminals’ servers

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Biden claims the wisdom of US attacks on cybercriminals’ servers

US President Joe Biden believes it is wise for Washington to launch attacks on servers used by ransomware criminals. This was announced on Friday, July 9, during a telephone briefing on Russian-American relations, by a high-ranking official from the country’s administration.

According to him, the American leader on the same day before flying to Delaware answered in the affirmative when asked by journalists whether it makes sense to attack servers in cases where criminals use these programs.

At the same time, the administration representative refused to clarify whether Biden had already given instructions about attacks on servers “used by hackers, including in Russia.”

“We, of course, will not speak publicly about this – in terms of some specific actions that the president ordered or did not order to take,” the politician quotes TASS following the briefing.

On Friday, the US President held telephone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Within their framework, the presidents continued their dialogue on the fight against cybercrime and information security, the Kremlin said.

Following the talks at White House website it was reported that Biden emphasized the need for Russia to take measures to suppress the activities of groups of ransomware based in the Russian Federation.

Biden reaffirmed that the United States will take all necessary action to protect its people and its critical infrastructure “in the face of this ongoing challenge.”

Earlier, several American companies accused Russia of involvement in cyberattacks. So, on July 2, Bloomberg reported about a cyberattack on the international IT company Kaseya with the use of a ransomware virus, in which Russian hackers were allegedly involved.

Prior to that, on June 26, the American software corporation Microsoft recorded new cyberattacks by the allegedly Russian-based hacker group Nobelium.