Biden in tears: “The withdrawal continues but we will make you pay” |  VIDEO

Biden in tears: “The withdrawal continues but we will make you pay” | VIDEO

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Biden in tears: “The withdrawal continues but we will make you pay” |  VIDEO

Biden in tears: “The withdrawal continues but we will make you pay”

They are the hardest hours for Joe Biden. Following yesterday’s attacks at Kabul airport in which 90 people, including 13 American soldiers, lost their lives, the American president gave a speech to the nation after being locked in the bunker of the Situation room for hours, while the explosions in the Afghan capital they were still ongoing. In his speech Biden condemned the attackers, the fighters of Isis K – the Afghan branch of Daesh – who claimed responsibility for the four attacks, admitted their responsibilities and promised that those responsible will be punished.

“We will not forgive you, we will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay for what you have done “, declared the American president, defining the American victims” heroes committed in a selfless dangerous mission ”. “Jill and I are outraged as well as with the broken heart“, He added, struggling to hold back the tears and asking for a minute of silence for the victims.

But “America will not be intimidated,” he assured, promising that those responsible will be hit. “I ordered my commanders to develop an operational plan to target ISIS key assets, their leaderships and bases,” he later said in response to a reporter’s question at a press conference. “We will respond with strength and precision, at the time and in the place we decide,” he specified.

I am responsible for everything that happened“In Afghanistan, Biden said,” because that’s how it works. But, the head of the White House recalled, answering another question at the end of his speech, “it is the former president (Donald Trump, ed) who made an agreement with the Taliban to withdraw by the end of May, receiving in exchange that the Taliban would not have attacked the American forces ”.

But he is still convinced of having to collaborate with those Taliban to complete the evacuation of US troops. “There is no evidence of collusion between the Taliban and the Islamic group that claimed responsibility for the attack,” he said, adding that he did not feel it was a mistake to have relied on them to ensure security in the area around the attack. airport, theater of attacks. The Taliban “are not the good guys, but they cooperate and have no interest in hindering us,” he explained.

In his speech Biden confirmed the date of the August 31 to conclude the withdraw from Afghanistan. “We will not be stopped by the terrorists we will continue our evacuation, we will continue to carry out the mission with courage and honor to save lives and take the Americans and our allies away from Afghanistan,” he explained, without excluding the sending of other troops to the Country if operations require it. “If necessary – he admitted, answering a question – we will grant it”.