Big Book Thursday will offer ten novelties by domestic and foreign authors

Big Book Thursday will offer ten novelties by domestic and foreign authors

Velk&ya knibrán will offer ten domestic and foreign novelties on Thursday authors

Presentation of spring novelties Big Book Thursday, February 23, 2023, Prague.

Prague – Big Book Thursday (VKČ) will bring ten domestic novelties to domestic bookstores on March 23 and foreign authors of fiction, memoirs and travelogues. The accompanying program will be a traditional part of the Great Book Thursday. Journalists were informed about this today by its organizers. The spring part of VKČ is rich in books by Czech authors.

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The Great Library will offer ten domestic novelties on Thursday and foreign authors

Great Library Thursday ten novelties of domestic and foreign authors

The Great Library will offer ten novelties by domestic and foreign authors on Thursday

The Great Library will offer ten domestic novelties on Thursday and foreign authors

Petra Hůlová, one of the most translated and genre-versatile Czech novelists, evokes numerous questions with her new novel Nejvyšší karta. The successful author and diplomat Michael Žantovský, in his memoir With Pardon, tells with exaggeration and wit his experiences of meeting important figures in world events – from Václav Havel to the British Queen Elizabeth II, the Rolling Stones to the Tibetan Dalai Lama.

The publication Putin's War will offer the narratives of Czech TV war reporters David Borek, Václav Černohorský, Martin Jonáš, Michal Kubal, David Miřejovský, Andreas Papadopulos, Pavel Polák, Karel Rožánek, Jakub Szántó and Jan Šilhan. “Honestly, I wish this book didn't have a second part,” Miřejovský noted.

The book Why Allah Created the Kalashnikov with the subtitle Reporter from wars, mosques and bazaars will also reflect current events. Its author, Pavel Novotný, takes the reader to Egypt, Peshawar in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Israel.

Eva Kubátová, who lived in the historic heart of Mexico City from 2013 to this January, wrote Mexicopedia 2 – The Alphabet of Mexican Culture. In 27 chapters, she headed, for example, to the small town of San Juan Chamula, where Mayan shamans dictate how to pray in a Catholic church, and other notable places. Petra Klabouchová's novel called U severni zdi is inspired by the fate of female political prisoners from the 1950s.

Four titles represent world literature in the spring VKČ offer. Funny Girl is a funny novel by the British writer Nick Hornby about youth and maturity, about fame, social classes and the backstage of show business. French novelist Maylis de Kerangalová covers a rich list of topics in her novel Life for Life – from human emotions to moral dilemmas to new medical possibilities.

Slovak writer Roman Kulich first introduced himself to Czech readers in 2020 with a thriller from the Kysucky Hills. White lady. Even his new novel Nine Crosses is a mix of tension, mystery and fear. The German author Susanne Goga set the plot of the crime novel Leo Berlin, The Case for Commissioner Leo Wechsler in Berlin in 1922, when inflation is on the rise after the war and Germany is politically disorganized.

The VKČ is held in the Czech Republic on the model of Britain, was supposed to help books and booksellers in times of economic crisis. Since 2011, several Czech publishing houses have been jointly offering a collection of books across genres every spring and autumn.