Big technology pledge to Biden to invest 30 billion in cybersecurity

Big technology pledge to Biden to invest 30 billion in cybersecurity

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Big technology pledge to Biden to invest 30 billion in cybersecurity

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, obtained the commitment of several of the main technology companies in the country to promote different initiatives to improve national cybersecurity, including the Google and Microsoft promise to invest $ 30 billion in the coming years, according to the White House.

In this regard, the US president held a meeting with leading representatives of the private sector and education to discuss the necessary effort to address the cybersecurity threats facing the country, as highlighted by recent incidents of High profile cybersecurity registered.

In this sense, the White House emphasized that cyber threats affect businesses of all sizes, as well as to towns and cities in all corners of the country and to the pockets of middle-class families, so that “cybersecurity is an imperative of national and economic security.”

To compound the challenge posed, the US Government noted that nearly half a million public and private cybersecurity jobs remain unfilled.

The commitment of the “big tech”

After the meeting, the White House announced that the companies had assumed a series of commitments, including the investment of 10 billion dollars in the next five yearsby Google to expand “zero trust” programs, help secure the software supply chain, and enhance open source security.

Google also announced that it will help 100,000 Americans earn industry-recognized digital skills certificates that can help them land well-paying jobs.

On your side, Microsoft announced that it will invest 20,000 million dollars in five years to accelerate efforts to integrate cybersecurity and deliver advanced security solutions.

The headquarters of the internet giant in Mountain View, California. Photo: AP

Additionally, the company will immediately make $ 150 million in technical services available to assist federal, state, and local governments with upgrading safety protection, and will expand partnerships with colleges and nonprofits for training in cybersecurity.

On your side, Apple to Establish New Program to Drive Continuous Security Improvements Across the Technology Supply Chain And, as part of the program, it will work with its vendors to drive mass adoption of multi-factor authentication, security training, vulnerability remediation, event logging, and incident response.

IBM announced that it will train 150,000 people in cybersecurity skills over the next three years and will drive diversity within cybersecurity, while Amazon will make the security awareness training it offers its employees freely available to the public.

Big technology pledge to Biden to invest 30 billion in cybersecurity

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Photo: AP

Outside of business, the organization announced that it will teach cybersecurity concepts to more than 3 million students over the next 3 years, while Girls Who Code will establish a micro credential program for historically excluded groups in technology in order to make career opportunities and opportunities more accessible to groups. underrepresented in the sector.

Last June, the president Biden said he was studying the possibility of retaliating against the Russian government. for a cyberattack against the largest meat producer in the world, the company JBS.

In fact, Biden claimed that will not hesitate to respond to Russia if Putin continues in the confrontation and in the aggressions, including cyberattacks.

Likewise, a month earlier, the president of the United States signed an executive order to improve American cybersecurity after the computer attack perpetrated against the Colonial oil pipeline, the most important in North America, which caused a flow interruption for days.

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