Bild: Ukrainians tried to kill Putin with the help of a drone

Bild: Ukrainians tried to kill Putin with the help of a drone

Bild: Ukrainians tried to kill Putin with the help of a drone

A Ukrainian soldier checks the situation on the battlefield with the help of a drone.

Berlin – Ukrainians tried to kill Russian President Vladimir Putin with the help of an explosive-laden drone. The German tabloid Bild reported on this today on its website. According to him, the assassination failed, the Russian authorities still keep the event secret.

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According to the newspaper's findings, the Ukrainian drone UJ-22 took off on Sunday evening with the aim of hitting the Russian president during his visit to the Rudnyovo industrial zone in the Moscow Region, which is approximately 500 kilometers from Ukraine.

“Last week, our correspondents received information about Putin's trip to the industrial park in Rudnyov. Accordingly, our kamikaze drone took off, flew through all means of air defense of the Russian Federation and crashed near the industrial park,” Bild quoted analyst Yuriy Romanenko, who is close to Ukrainian secret services.

Indeed, Russian media reported on this day that a Ukrainian UJ-22 drone had crashed near the village of Vorovskogo, located about 20 kilometers east of the Rudnyovo industrial zone. 17 kilograms of C4 explosives were then discovered in the drone. The TASS agency reported on Tuesday that three crashed drones – quadcopters – equipped with cameras and without identification marks, were found in the vicinity of Moscow. According to her, one of these drones was located near the place where a Ukrainian drone with explosives was found on Sunday. Russian security forces are working with the hypothesis that these drones could be guiding an unmanned aircraft with explosives.

Pavel Zarubin, a journalist close to Putin, said on Sunday, without further specifying the time, that the president plans to “visit an industrial park in Moscow”. At the same time, pictures appeared on social networks showing the gray lawn in front of the main building additionally splashed with green paint, which, according to the Bild newspaper, could be considered a sign of Putin's imminent arrival.

It is unclear whether the Russian leader really wanted to visit the park already on Sunday, he did not come to the place that day anyway. The Kremlin announced today that the presidential visit to the technology park where Russian drones are to be manufactured will take place today.

“It is clear that a precise strike on the head of the Russian state using a kamikaze drone is an almost impossible action. But already the very fact that such a drone penetrates to the place that Putin is going to visit is a tick for the Russian dictator,” Sergei Sumlenny, a political scientist of Russian origin living in Germany, told the newspaper.

The Washington Post earlier this week with referring to leaked US intelligence documents, he said that the leadership of Ukrainian military intelligence planned to carry out major attacks inside Russia before the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to the American newspaper, the Americans, who had been secretly monitoring the Ukrainian plans, eventually called off the Kiev attack out of fear of a possible aggressive reaction from the Kremlin.