“Black”: dark fates

«Noir»: sombres destins

Photo: Fabrice Gaetan
Christian Bégin and Evelyne de la Chenelière camped a couple of bourgeois with a corpse on the arm of a young woman embodied by Stefania Skoryna.

Over the past 15 years, Jérémie Niel has not ceased to explore new territories. The dark places where the director leads us are always mysterious, sometimes even disturbing. In this dark abysmal, our most beautiful fantasies could take shape, our most terrible nightmares could come true. His most recent creation, her first on the scene of the Quat’sous, is no exception : Black is a true object of fascination.

With Christian Bégin, Evelyne de la Chenelière and Justin Laramée, the director of the company Petrus has imagined a forest unclean, morbid, highly psychoanalytic, a black earth and hard where beings of dark fates, men and women visibly disoriented, abandon themselves to their impulses, the more compelling. Thanks to the costumes and a few bits of dialogue about the war, it is deduced that the scene takes place in the 1920s. While Bégin and Chenelière camped a couple of bourgeois with a corpse on the arm of a young woman embodied by Stefania Skoryna, Justin Laramée takes the role of jack.

Once more, you will have understood, Jérémie Niel applies to put sticks in the wheels of the textocentrisme. This piece, a true hecatomb, 75 minutes that take the film just as much as dance or mime, is based on a narrative summary, deliberately convoluted, neither more nor less than a pretext for the creation of strong images, snapshots that manage to tell, to evoke and to express, certainly in the disorder and in the more scary penumbras, but also effectively as would a thousand words.

In this theatre of cruelty, certainly demanding, and you piss and spit, one behind and one digs, it eats and kills. With a minimum of aftershocks, but a maximum of noises and sounds (exceptional sound design Sylvain Bellemare), not to mention those voices which we do not know if they originate from the actors on stage where a registration, the representation sows disorder rare, valuable, a vertigo that requires the abandonment.


Scenario : Christian Bégin, Evelyne de la Chenelière, Justin Laramée and Jérémie Niel. Directed by : Jérémie Niel. A production of Pétrus. At the Théâtre de Quat’sous, until 9 February.


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