Blažek is acting in accordance with the law, Fiala said regarding his requests regarding the housing case

Blažek is acting in accordance with the law, Fiala said regarding his requests regarding the housing case

Blažek acts in accordance with the law, Fiala said about his requests for housing ; case

Illustrative photo – Prime Minister Petr Fiala (left) visited the Ministry of Justice as part of his balance visits and held talks with Minister of Justice Pavel Blažek (right), January 30, 2023, Prague. The picture is from the press conference after the meeting.

Prague – Minister of Justice Pavel Blažek (ODS) acts in accordance with the law and the minister's duties. This is what Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said today about Blažek's requests for information regarding the case of buying and selling city apartments in Brno. The Supreme State Attorney Igor Striž will not be happy with the requests, he told Seznam Zprávám and Deník N< /i>. He met with the Minister of Justice today at a working meeting, at which he informed the Minister about the method of handling similar requests, the spokesman of the Supreme State Attorney's Office (NSZ) Petr Malý told ČTK.

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In the housing case, in which, according to the Seznam Zprávy server, Blažek's acquaintances appear, the minister sent four requests for information to the plaintiffs in the last month. N Stříž told Deník that the minister's previous requests were addressed both to him and to the chief prosecutor in Olomouc.

According to Stříž, Blažka's first request concerned a former accused whose criminal prosecution was dropped. According to him, the mentioned woman turned to the minister with her demands, or rather her impressions. In the second case, it was an initiative of a lawyer who pointed to alleged illegalities and delays in the proceedings. In the third and fourth cases, the minister wanted information about the interpellations of deputies.

Blažek said today on Twitter that he is registering five interpellations in the case from coalition and opposition benches. “I reported the incident to the government today,” added the minister.

According to Fiala, Blažek himself asked today to be able to explain his procedure on a different point. “He did that in an absolutely convincing way,” the prime minister said. According to him, the ministry must deal with initiatives and complaints regarding the work of the judiciary and prosecutors. In the second case, the questions must be raised directly by the minister, he added.

Blažek proceeds in the same way in other cases where doubts arise, and he must proceed in this way especially in cases where it turns out that the prosecution was illegal or where discovers leaks from files.

On Tuesday, Transparency International CR appealed to the Prime Minister with a call for the dismissal of Minister Blazek. Jakub Michálek, the chairman of the deputies of the coalition Pirates, also said on Twitter on Tuesdaythat the Pirates will call on Blažek to explain his possible conflict of interests and to prove to the public that he is not advancing selectively.

“There is no influencing of cases, there cannot be. The questions asked by Minister Blažek in the case of the so-called Brno case did not concern members of the ODS, and no question raised by the Minister of Justice can be interpreted as meaning intervention in the proceedings,” he said today Wallflower. If it would mean such an intervention, the competent authority cannot answer him, he added.

The highest prosecutor Stříž met with Blažek at a working meeting this afternoon. “Of course, the two also talked about requesting information and the minister's communication with the public prosecutor's office,” said NSZ spokesman Malý. According to him, Stříž informed Blažek about the mechanism, how similar requests are processed and what is the scope of information about the status of criminal proceedings that the public prosecutor's office can provide to the minister. more times. At the beginning of October, in connection with the privatization of apartments in the town hall of the Brno-střed district, she accused eight people, led by ODS politician Otakar Bradáč. In mid-October, it detained a group of people in connection with an attempt to take over the sand pit in Chernivtsi.