Bloomberg compared the events in Ukraine with the annexation of California by the America

Mike Bloomberg, philanthropist, billionaire and former mayor of new York, who stated his desire to run for President of the United States, not so long ago justified the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, particularly the annexation of Crimea, comparing events in Ukraine with the annexation of California by the America.

Блумберг сравнил события в Украине с аннексией Калифорнии Америкой

So, columnist edition Josh Rogin reminds us that “in February 2015 Mike Bloomberg in his comments at the aspen Institute called the invasion of Putin to Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea and hostility to the West is not only understandable, but also tantamount to the actions that the United States made in its 200-year history”.

“If you really think about it, what would America be if we had a neighboring country where a lot of people in this country wanted to be Americans. Texas and California — that says something? We just went and took them. I don’t think that Putin is doing a good thing that this was allowed. But we did it, it was 200 years ago,” said Mike Bloomberg.

In turn, the Washington Post focused on the difference in these two events.

“American expansion in the 19th century answered (unfortunately) the international standards of the time. Conversely, Russia’s attack on Ukraine has meant a sharp departure from the international order that has remained intact since the end of the Second world war”, — says the publication.

According to WP, the tendency to Bloomberg about the similarities did not stop there. He also compared the Russian seizure of the Crimea with the seizure of the U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay (Cuba).

“And you want a warm water port? Guantanamo Bay you nothing to say? Somewhere. We took it,” said Mike Bloomberg.

However, The Washington Post said that “a naval base of the United States in Guantanamo Bay was founded not as a result of military invasion of the special forces without insignia, and under the Treaty of 1903 with the Cuban government.”

Bloomberg explained that Putin has good reasons to be aggressive in Europe because, according to Bloomberg, the West provoked him by expanding NATO.

“One of the reasons why Putin did what he did, is the expansion of NATO along the Russian border,” said Bloomberg.

As writes Washington Post, philanthropist forgot to specify “the cause of NATO expansion to the East, namely, that the countries of Eastern and Central Europe was desperate to avoid Russian control, which led to political, religious and economic repression, and remembered another tip Bloomberg.

“We will never be able to stop Iran on acquiring nuclear power status if we don’t have Russia “as an ally,” added Bloomberg.

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