Bmw, here is the recyclable car of 2040 |

Bmw, here is the recyclable car of 2040 |

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Bmw, here is the recyclable car of 2040 |

BMW decided to show his prototype for the 2040 in a very creative way. He did so by placing in the foreground a pile of materials, all recyclable, which project the silhouette of a car that all in all has a shape that recalls that of current cars, without too many fancy flights with the imagination. The project BMW i Vision Circular will be presented in its details at the IAA Mobility 2021 show in Munich, but in the meantime we can already understand what its strengths are.

Every carmaker is trying to figure out how to survive, on an industrial level, the big change that will soon come. After more than a century of combustion engines, future emissions regulations will require methods to move substantially without impact on the planet’s atmosphere, proven after decades and decades of pollution. BMW obviously focuses on the circular economy, based on the four cornerstones of this current of thought: rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle. The BMW i Vision Circular car it is in fact produced with secondary materials or with totally renewable raw materials. Not only that: the ‘circular’ work starts already from the design, with the engineering team that is based exclusively on certain types of material.

The model appears as a mix between an SUV and a minivan, betraying a multifunctional nature. But it is not the first time that BMW, as a group, has ventured into a project full of ‘innovative’ materials from an environmental point of view. In fact, Mini recently presented the ‘Strip’ concept, created by the designer Paul Smith and filled with uncommon materials in the automotive field, such as cork. These are cars that are apparently functional, but obviously the use of new materials is not just a stylistic theme.

In fact, in order to give recyclable materials the chance to become protagonists in the transport sector, there must be several factors to be respected: availability; durability; resistance in the event of an accident. Another objective of the future, in fact, is the reduction of road risk to more than minimal levels.

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