Bolivia: the UN confirmed that Jeanine Áñez injured herself and feels ’emotionally affected’

Bolivia: the UN confirmed that Jeanine Áñez injured herself and feels ’emotionally affected’

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Bolivia: the UN confirmed that Jeanine Áñez injured herself and feels ’emotionally affected’

A mission of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed this Sunday that former Bolivian President Jeanine Áñez, accused of genocide, harmed herself last Saturday, in what was considered a suicide attempt. In addition, it was reported that the ex-president feels “emotionally affected.”

This information was released after the UN representative Yulia Babuzhina and another official visited Áñez in the Miraflores Penitentiary Center, in the city of La Paz, said the local newspaper La Razón.

“The United Nations has had immediate and unrestricted access to the center, being able to interview Mrs. Áñez in a confidential manner,” the UN reported through a statement in which they confirmed that ” self-inflicted physical injury that required medical attention “provided by the prison itself.

On the other hand, the mission pointed out that, although some measures are being implemented, such as allowing a family member to visit at night, “international standards indicate that prison authorities must implement comprehensive strategies for the care and prevention of self-harm and suicide to protect the life, integrity and health of the people in their custody “.

“The intention expressed by the authorities to carry out a psychiatric evaluation It is a good step, since it is carried out with prior consent and by independent professionals recognized by the parties, “said the United Nations in relation to the initiative of the Government of Bolivia to carry out a psychological examination on Áñez.

In addition, this Sunday the director of the Prison Regime, Juan Carlos Limpias, assured during a press conference that, after verifying the Áñez incident at dawn on Saturday, the authorities they got in touch with the familya of the ex-president, and even her daughter was part of the board of doctors that on Friday analyzed the state of the ex-president.

Jeanine Áñez is out of danger. Photo Juan Karita / AP

Áñez’s lawyer, Norka Cuéllar, revealed that the victim presented three cuts on the left wrist and one on the forearm, wounds that were sutured by a doctor.

After knowing the news, one of Áñez’s lawyers, Martín Camacho, criticized the Bolivian Minister of Government, Carlos de Castillo, for “callous, inhuman, which speaks of some scratches on the wrist that former president Jeanine Áñez had, when in reality what it is about is a serious fact: a suicide attempt due to the excessive detention and to the extreme that they have led to this woman, who he is suffering, “according to statements to the daily El Deber.

“She is locked in a room, You don’t even have permission to go out to the patio, nor to go out to see the light of day. Then, the same Minister of Government and the same Government of the MAS will have to answer for any fact or for any injury that Áñez’s life has, “he added.

For his part, the opposition leader Samuel Doria Medina denounced yesterday that “the ruling party has systematically cornered Jeanine Añez, depriving her of all her rights, isolating her, preventing you from taking care of your physical and mental healthHe, closing all legal exits “.

Doria, leader of the National Unity (UN), believes that “the government has caused” Áñez “to try to take his own life.” “Jeanine suffers a physical and mental torture that it is not legal, but that it is legalized by the mass judicial apparatus, “he argued.

For Doria, all this originates “in the desire for revenge of the (government party) MAS and in its impunity to ignore the Constitution and the country’s commitments to conventions and pacts that protect the human rights of detainees. “

The Bolivian attorney general, Juan Lanchipa, announced on Friday that he had filed a request to initiate a liability trial against Áñez for the alleged crimes of genocide, serious and minor injuries, and injury followed by death for the events of Sacaba and Senkata, registered in the framework of the post-election protests of 2019.

Bolivia: the UN confirmed that Jeanine Áñez injured herself and feels ’emotionally affected’

Jeanine Áñez will be evaluated psychiatrically. Photo Mateo Romay / Xinhua

Psychiatric evaluation

As a result of this situation, the Bolivian Ministry of Government reported this Saturday that a psychiatric evaluation was going to be started on Áñez to determine the motives that led her to injure herself.

“A psychiatric evaluation has been provided and is ongoing. It will be that forensic medical inquiry the one that establishes the motives and psychological characteristics of self-flagellation, “according to the Ministry itself.

Furthermore, the European Union stated that “listen with concern” the news about the former president and has urged the Bolivian authorities to do “everything to guarantee her right to comprehensive health, both physical and mental.”

Along the same lines, the United States Embassy in Bolivia expressed its concern about “the reports on the psychological well-being” of Áñez and encouraged the Government of the South American country to “guarantee receive proper care“.

With information from DPA.