Bombardier Transportation has the misfire

Bombardier Transport cumule les ratés

Photo: Eric Piermont Agence France-Presse
Bombardier manufactures the model trains Regio 2N at its plant in Crespin.

Switzerland, New York, and now France. Bombardier Transportation has missed the past three weeks.

The turn of the Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF) to complain about the quality of the new trains received. The railway undertaking French official has confirmed the information published by the daily Le Parisien reports of the criticism directed against Bombardier Transportation. “We have a problem with Bombardier “, a supplier of new trains Regio 2N, denounced the boss of the SNCF Transilien, Alain Krakovitch. “It was intended that we have, for the beginning of 2019, 42 new trains […] we received 32, except that the last trains that were received were not of satisfactory quality “. He cited ” the non-quality industrial, such as screws not tight, wiring that is both visually […] From the first use, the paddle has a failure. This is of course unbearable ! “The defects affect 8 out of 32 oars, but the SNCF has made the decision not to” take the oars “.

It was expected that we have, for the beginning of 2019, 42 new trains […] we received 32, except that the last trains that were received were not of satisfactory quality

— Alain Krakovitch

Bombardier France, which manufactures these trains at its plant in Crespin, ” is aware and apologizes for inconvenience that this creates for the passengers “. “But the difficulties of the row R may be summarized in the Regio 2N” she defended, arguing that ” many of the failures of the Regio 2N relate to facilities provided by the operator and are not the responsibility of Bombardier “. And Bombardier Transportation to add that these incidents do not reflect the overall performance of reliability and availability of the Regio 2N of the R line, which are in January 2019 best that contractual goals set by the SNCF. Deliveries on the line R ” will be on-time, in accordance with [to the] commitments vis-à-vis the SNCF and the Ile-de-France Mobility “, has also served as Bombardier.

This output of the SNCF takes place a few days after the complaints made on Friday by the boss of the transport Company of New York. Andy Byford has described as “painful” and “depressing” the difficulties encountered on the cars R179 circulating on several lines of New York. It had ” suspended any further deliveries pending resolution of technical problems. Bombardier had recognized his liability and promised a quick resolution. The resumption of deliveries was announced Tuesday. Bombardier has delivered 160 of the 300 cars ordered, manufactured at its plant in Plattsburgh.

On 10 January, Bombardier Transportation was beckoned, this time by the swiss federal Railways, SBB, refusing also to take delivery of new trains as those put into service, after some five years of delay, were not repaired. Problems with the doors, the reliability of trains and the comfort of the passengers were mentioned. Bombardier is committed to settle everything in the next few weeks.

This contract switzerland, signed in 2010, was originally on the delivery of 59 trains, for a total of 2.12 billion. If it is accompanied by a penalty of more than 660 000 $ per ream per week of delay, the possibility that this clause is exercised has not been mentioned.

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