Both Krčmář and Davidová finished the SP in Oslo with 16th place in races with a mass start

Both Krčmář and Davidová finished the SP in Oslo with 16th place in races with a mass start

Krčmář and Davidová closed the SP in Oslo with the 16th place in the races mass start

Biathlon World Cup, men's 15 km mass start, 19 March 2023, Oslo. Czech biathlete Michal Krčmář.

Oslo – The best Czech biathletes Michal Krčmář and Markéta Davidová closed the World Cup in Oslo with sixteenth places in the mass start races. Tereza Voborníková did not follow up on the sixth position from the sprint and took the 25th place. Johannes Thignes Bö scored the nineteenth win of the season. The women's race, after which several elite biathletes bid farewell to their careers, was won by reigning world champion Hanna Öberg.

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Krčmář i Davidová closed the SP in Oslo with the 16th row in mass start races

Krčmář and Davidov finished the SP in Oslo with the 16th place in races with a mass start

Krčmář and Davidová closed the SP in Oslo with 16th place in the plants with mass production; m start

Krčmář and Davidová closed SP in Oslo 16th place in races with a mass start

Krčmář kept himself in the front group in the first two laps thanks to a flawless start, but he missed once in the second shooting and fell to fifteenth place. Vestoje then had to do two penalty laps and dropped to the bottom of the top twenty. With the final zero, he improved a bit again.

The winner of the Bö World Cup had to make up for the loss after the opening “lie”, where he made one mistake, but then he built up a significant lead and another mistake in the final item could no longer affect his triumph to change nothing. He left the flawless Swiss Niklas Hartweg behind by 16.7 seconds.

But it wasn't enough for him for a small crystal globe. Thanks to the third place, he was defended by another Norwegian Vetle, Sjaastad Christiansen, who today lost 19.4 seconds to Bö. But he beat him by thirty points in the discipline evaluation. Bö paid for his absence from Östersund, after being treated for the coronavirus.

Davidová had an excellent race. After the initial clean shooting, she recorded one error in the next two events, but she ran great. She came to the final stand in a group that, thanks to the hesitation of Lou Jeanmonnot, was fighting for second place. But the 26-year-old Czech could not handle the situation, missed four targets and fell to 21st place.

She couldn't cope with the thick fog on the shooting range. “Unfortunately, I didn't see anything, it turned out accordingly. I was all gray,” she lamented in an interview on Czech television. The conditions seemed similar to those on Friday, when the women's sprint was cancelled. “They were the same for everyone, and some see better and some worse in this, it can't be influenced much,” she added. In the final round, she at least took advantage of the fact that she had the fastest running time of the day and improved by five places.

Voborníková also made six mistakes on the shooting range, and because of this she only finished in the middle of the third ten. “It wasn't as ideal as yesterday. Worse than the fog was the rain on the track and the unpleasant snow on the slopes, it was really dangerous there today. There were such unnecessary shots at the shooting range,” she said.

Although Öberg made one mistake on the final item after three zeroes, she still beat Marte Olsbu Röiseland by 22.6 seconds, who said goodbye to her career with second place. The Norwegian team then sprinkled her with champagne at the finish line. The French Anais Chevalier-Bouchet, who finished third, received a big farewell in the finish area.

The overall winner of the World Cup, Julia Simonová from France, secured the small crystal globe with today's fifth place. Davidová dropped from the seventh place to the final ninth in the overall standings. The innkeeper was thirteenth in the men's series.

SP in biathlon in Oslo – races with a mass start:

Men (15 km): 1. J. T. Bö (Nor.) 38:51.9 (2 penalty circuits) , 2. Hartweg (Switzerland) -26.2 (0), 3. Christiansen (Nor.) -35.2 (0), 4. Fillon Maillet (Fr.) -36.8 (1), 5. Laegreid (Nor.) -40.0 (1), 6. Ponsiluoma (Sweden.) -43.0 (4), …16. Krčmář (ČR) -2:02.5 (3).

Final standings of the mass start race(after 4 races): 1. Christiansen 270, 2. J.T. Bö 240, 3. Laegreid 208, 4. Dale (Nor.) 206, 5. Stalder (Switzerland) 143, 6. Claude (Fr.) 132, . ..9. Krčmář 111.

Final order of the SP (after 21 races): 1. J.T. Bö 1589, 2. Laegreid 1098, 3. Christiansen 935, 4 .Doll (German) 782, 5. Ponsiluoma 779, 6. T. Bö (Nor.) 684, …13. Krčmář 581, 44. Štvrtecký 86, 52. Mikyska 67, 77. Mareček 17, 90. Václavík (all CR) 7.

Women (12.5 km): 1. H. Öbergová (Sweden) 36:33.5 (1), 2. Röiselandová (Nor.) -22.6 (1), 3. Chevalierová-Bouchetová (Fr.) – 43.7 (3), 4. Kebingerová (German) -46.5 (1), 5. Simonová (Fr.) -56.6 (4), 6. Herrmannová-Wick (German) -57.1 (3), …16. Davidová -1:48.0 (6), 25. Voborníková (both Czech Republic) -3:37.6 (6).

< strong>Final order of the mass start race (after 4 races): 1. Simonová 270, 2. Chevalierová-Bouchetová 206, 3. H. Öbergová 195, 4. Wiererová (It.) 169, 5. Jeanmonnotová ( Fr.) 166, 6. Hauserová (Austria) 156, …13. Davidová 106, 31. Jislová (ČR) 37, 42. Voborníková 12.

Final order of the WC (after 20 races): 1. Simonová 1093, 2. Wiererová 911, 3. Vittozziová (It.) 882, 4. Herrmannová-Wicková 874, 5. E. Öbergová (Swed.) 764, 6. Tandrevoldová (Nor.) 731, . ..9. Davidová 668, 36. Jislová 149, 43. Voborníková 109, 75. Charvátová 16, 86. >Václavíková (all Czech Republic) 2.