Boxer Bytyqi will defend her WBC title in Brno in April

Boxer Bytyqi will defend her WBC title in Brno in April

Boxer Bytyqi will defend the WBC title in April in Brno

Illustration photo – Fabiana Bytyqi (left) rejoicing over the victory and Claudia Ferencziová (right) after the fight at the Boxing Live Professional Boxing Gala on September 25, 2020 in Ústí nad Labem.

Prague – On April 15 in Brno, boxer Fabiana Bytyqi will defend the belt of the WBC professional world champion in the light minimum weight category. Just like last July in Uroševac, Kosovo, she will face the Mexican Elizabetha López Corzo, their last fight ended in a draw.

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“I'm glad that there will be a rematch. I still have a bad taste from the last match, because I think Fabča should have won,” Bytyqi coach Lukáš Konečný, who is also the event's promoter, told ČTK. “I believe he will win this time. If nothing happens, it shouldn't be an extra difficult match,” said the former professional world champion.

The gala evening “This is boxing” will take place in the Sono Centrum hall in Brno, where Bytyqi already boxed last March and defeated Bulgarian Ivanka Ivanova on points.

“I hope that the hall will be full. The event will also feature a number Brno boxers from our stable, which is why it is held here,” explained Konečný, who otherwise organizes most of his events in Ústí nad Labem. “We plan to alternate between Brno and Ústí. Sono and (hall) Sluneta are ideal spaces for boxing,” said Konečný.

Twenty-seven-year-old Bytyqi has 21 professional matches to her name, from of which she won 19 and two ended in a draw. She's never lost like that before. She won the WBC title for the first time already in 2018, although at first it was so-called provisional. Four years older, López Corzo has a record of ten wins, five draws and five losses. After the match with Bytyqi last September, she lost to Germany's Sarah Bormann.