Brady and Goff: a 17 year difference, but the same dream for Sunday

Brady et Goff: 17 ans de différence, mais le même rêve pour dimanche

Photo: Steven Senne Associated Press
Tom Brady and Jared Goff had faced each other in December 2016 in the first season of the young quarter of the Rams to Los Angeles. The Patriots had won 26-10.

Tom Brady remembers very well the first time he has experienced all of the media hype surrounding the Super Bowl.

One-quarter of the Patriots had played only two seasons in the NFL, but he was extremely confident. He was on the verge of launching one of the great dynasties in the history of the sport.

It was in 2002. Seventeen years is an eternity for most NFL players. Now, at the age of 41 years, Brady insists on the fact that the years have not changed a lot since this first “Super Sunday” against the Rams of St. Louis. “I am the same on several levels, said Brady this week, with the approach of the ninth participation in the great game. I don’t think things have really changed. “

“I loved playing at that time and I still like to play, he continued. I do like anything for granted. We all work hard and get to this point, it is really exceptional. I’m proud of the guys who have put in the dedication that he had to, this is not easy. “

“I think everyone is tired but, at the same time, you have one of the great opportunities of your life. I really hope that we will be able to enjoy it. “

Brady still has the air of a kid who was a darling of the media at the time. And since that time, he has won five rings, the Super Bowl, establishing in the passage a whole bunch of team records and league.

He faced again the Rams, repatriated to Los Angeles in 2016. Their quarterback, Jared Goff, was only seven years old when Brady began its historical journey.

At 24 years and 112 days, Goff ranks fourth among the most young quarters to begin a game of the Super Bowl. Brady is fifth on this list, at 24 years and 184 days.

The gap of 17 years is the most important between the quarters runners in the history of the Super Bowl.

Brady sees a little of himself in Goff, and not just the fact that they are Californians from the San Francisco area. He knows that Goff is the symbol of hope for a club aspiring to the top, after several seasons of mediocre. Unlike Brady, a sixth round in 2000, Goff was drafted in the first round in 2016.

From his first campaign, difficult, Goff has delivered a glimpse of his talent, which will be Sunday the largest showcase. This will be his first Super Bowl, but many people believe that it could become a regular.

“He is unflappable,” said the head coach of the Rams, Sean McVay. His way of coping with success and adversity reflects the assurance and confidence that you expect from your quarter. “

Smith and Namath will participate in the presentation of the trophy to Vince Lombardi

The presentation of the trophy to Vince Lombardi, will include the participation of Emmitt Smith and Joe Namath on Sunday. The object so coveted will be provided on the field by a former winner of the Super Bowl who played for the winners. This person is going to give the trophy to Smith, the outstanding player of the big game in 1994. Smith will then return to Namath, who had the distinction during the third Super Bowl, 50 years ago.


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