Breakfast protects against colds

Scientists have long said that Breakfast is extremely beneficial for human health. But this is often dealt with weight loss, pressure or occurrence of diabetes. This time the research staff from Cardiff University said that people that skip a morning meal, often suffer from colds.

Завтрак защищает от простудных заболеваний

In order to confirm his theory, a British scientist Andy Smith conducted an interesting experiment, which was attended by 180 volunteers. The respondents within two months had to keep a diary in which they indicated what, when and how much they ate.

After observing the participants were told whether they were faced with cases of SARS or whether they had been ill during the experiment with the flu. As it turned out that the respondents from the group who complained of acute respiratory viral infection more than once, is rarely resorted to Breakfast. In addition, told about the various negative events in their lives: for example, they experienced stress due to problems at work.

Professor Ron Eccles, who represents the Center for the study of cold Cardiff University, says that Breakfast has a positive impact on the functioning of the human immune system, and if the early food intake constantly flowing, the immune system sooner or later just crashes.

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