Britain is willing to replace Soviet fighter jets provided to Ukraine to allies

Britain is willing to replace Soviet fighter jets provided to Ukraine to allies

Britain is willing to replace the Soviet-made guns provided to Ukraine by the Allies< /p> Illustration photo – Two MiG-29 fighters (above and below) and two F-16s of the Polish army at an air show.

London – Britain is willing to send fighter jets to Central and Eastern European countries if they provide their Soviet-made machines to Ukraine. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told Times Radio today. According to him, these are countries that have, for example, MiG-29 or Su-24 type fighters.

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“If they want to provide them, we can use our fighters to replace them and keep them safe,” Wallace said. He reminded that the fighter jets of NATO partners are already configured to fight in an alliance way.

 Britain is willing to replace the Soviet fighter jets provided to Ukraine by the Allies

Countries such as Poland and Slovakia have already indicated that they are willing to provide their MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine. However, in order to do so, they need to supplement their capacities with Western machines, warns The Daily Telegraph today.

Ukraine calls on allies to supply modern fighter jets. So far, however, Western countries have reacted rather skeptically. Britain is also hesitant, but has announced the training of Ukrainian pilots on modern fighters.

London imposes further sanctions against Russia, bans export of items used in combat

Britain has imposed further sanctions against Russia on the anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Among other things, it banned the export of all items used by Russia on the battlefield, the British Foreign Office announced today. The European Union is also about to impose another package of sanctions on Russia, and the tightening of the sanctions regime has been announced by Washington.

The UK Foreign Office said in a statement today that the internationally coordinated sanctions and trade measures will cover aircraft parts, radio communications equipment and electronic components. The sanctions also target other Russian officials, including those connected to the state-owned Rosatom or working in the defense industry and for Russian banks.

“Military intelligence has shown that shortages of parts in Russia caused by sanctions are likely already it affects their ability to produce equipment for export, such as armed vehicles, attack helicopters and air defense systems,” the ministry also said.

The introduction of further sanctions against Russia is to be discussed today by the leaders of the G7 group of the strongest economies at a virtual meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and the ambassadors of the EU countries could approve the tenth package of sanctions against Russia today.

The British Prime Minister commemorated the anniversary with a minute of silence Russian invasion of Ukraine

British Prime Minister Rishi SunakToday, on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he held a minute's silence in front of his residence in 10 Downing Street, reports the news website Sky News. The piety was also attended by Sunak's wife Akshata Murty, Ukrainian Ambassador Vadym Prystajko and members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. On the door was a wreath in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Towards the end of the minute's silence, two Ukrainian singers in costume sang the Ukrainian national anthem. Later today, London authorities announced that part of the street near the Russian embassy had been renamed Kyiv.

“I am proud that the UK stood by Ukraine in this terrible conflict. When I stand with the brave Ukrainian soldiers outside Downing Street today, my thoughts will be with all those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend freedom and restore peace to Europe,” Sunak said before the event. “I urge everyone to think about the courage and bravery of our Ukrainian friends who have been heroically fighting for their country every hour since then,” he added.

Opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer marked the anniversary of the start of the invasion during a visit to Cardiff where he met with members of the Ukrainian community. “Last week I had the honor of being in Ukraine and seeing with my own eyes the courage and tenacity of the Ukrainian people,” he told reporters. “I think today is the day to reiterate what I said to them, which is that whatever other political differences there are in the UK, we stand united on the side of Ukraine. Putin must be defeated in Ukraine,” he added.

King Charles III. issued a statement in which he said that the Ukrainian people had shown “truly remarkable courage and resilience in the face of such a human tragedy”.

British MPs also observed a moment of silence on today's anniversary. London Mayor Sadiq Khan and ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended a service in the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the capital.

In the meantime, the London authorities announced that the part of Bayswater Road, near the Russian Embassy, ​​was renamed Kyiv Road ). The new sign was affixed to the site this afternoon. On Thursday, a group of activists painted a huge Ukrainian flag on the street in front of the embassy.