British GP F1 2021 times, live SKY and delayed TV8

British GP F1 2021 times, live SKY and delayed TV8

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British GP F1 2021 times, live SKY and delayed TV8

Timetables British GP 2021, tenth test of the Formula 1 World Championship and the first with the Sprint qualification, 100 km race that determines the starting grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix. TO Silverstone the new race format is tested with Lewis Hamilton at the wheel of the Mercedes-AMG he wants to take advantage of the home track to catch up on Max Verstappen and the Red Bull Honda back from five consecutive victories.

The British Grand Prix on TV is scheduled for the weekend of July 18, 2021 and on TV it is visible in live only on Sky (departure at 16.00). Up TV8 all the deferred, those of the unprecedented sprint qualification and the Grand Prix. Two are scheduled for Friday 16 July rehearsal sessions, with the second determining the starting grid of the sprint qualification

Great Britain F1 2021 GP schedules direct SKY and delayed TV8

Friday 16 July 2021 (FREE PRACTICE)
15.30-16.30: Free Practice 1 (live on Sky Sport F1)
19.00-20.00: Free Practice 2 (live on Sky Sport F1)

13.00-14.00: Free Practice 3 (live on Sky Sport F1)
17.30: Sprint Qualifying (live on Sky Sport F1, postponed at 20:15 on TV8)

Sunday 18 July 2021 (RACE)
16.00: Race (live on Sky Sport F1, postponed at 19.00 on TV8)

At Silverstone Hamilton is aiming to catch up on Verstappen

F1 British GP 2021 at Silverstone

The British Grand Prix it runs historically to Silverstone, on the track obtained in old military airport. Here in 1950 the first Grand Prix in the history of Formula 1. The British track is a medium downforce circuit and is characterized by many fast corners and is long 5.891 Km.

In total there are 18 curves, 10 to the right, 8 to the left, with the race being held over the distance of 52 turns. The famous curves Maggots is Beckettsin particular, they exert considerable lateral acceleration on the tires. The best point for those who want to overtake is at the end of the straightHangar Straight, at the detached of the Stowe curve.

British GP F1 2021 times, live SKY and delayed TV8

Silverstone F1 circuit

The absolute record of the Silverstone track is 1’24 ″ 303, the time of the pole position of Lewis Hamilton in 2020 qualifying. Also last year during the Grand Prix Max Verstappen with the Red Bull got the best time in the race in 1’27 ″ 097.

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