British Prime Minister: Johnson announces end of corona measures

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British Prime Minister: Johnson announces end of corona measures

I.In England, all Corona measures are to be ended on July 19. Then distance rules, mask requirements and the requirement to work from home will no longer apply, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed on Monday. In pubs it is no longer necessary to only serve at the table, there are no longer any space restrictions in stadiums and arenas at major events.

Johnson stressed that the binding decision will be made next Monday (July 12th) after a further review of the pandemic data. In Great Britain, the number of new corona infections had recently increased significantly due to the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant.

Johnson: When if not open now?

“This pandemic is by no means over,” said Johnson. The number of new infections is increasing rapidly, he expects 50,000 cases a day soon. But the vaccines have significantly weakened the link between new infections and deaths and hospital admissions. “We have to be honest: if we can’t reopen society in the coming weeks (…), when else will we be able to get back to normal life?” Said Johnson. He referred to good conditions with warm summer weather and the school holidays.

The decision had already been criticized in advance. Scientists, trade unions and the opposition called for the mask requirement to be maintained as the simplest means of defense against viruses. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan also agreed with these demands with regard to the impact on local transport.

In a survey by the Yougov opinion research institute, a good two thirds of those questioned were in favor of maintaining the mask requirement in local public transport and in shops. The low-cost airlines Ryanair (Ireland) and Easyjet (Great Britain) have already announced that masks will still have to be worn on board their aircraft, regardless of the rules at the departure or destination.

Health policy in the UK is a matter for regional governments. Johnson is responsible for most of England, which has no government of its own. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, on the other hand, decide for themselves about their corona measures and their end. Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford has already made it clear that he will not take over the easing.