Brno heating plants reduce the price of heat thanks to savings and the falling price of gas

Brno heating plants reduce the price of heat thanks to savings and the falling price of gas

Teplárny Brno reduces the price of heat thanks to savings and decreasing ; gas price

Illustrative photo – On June 9, the transport company delivered two new boilers, each weighing 60 tons, to Tepláren Brno (pictured). The excessive cargo set off from Gunzenhausen in Germany on May 31, but due to the size of the boilers, the trucks only drove at night to avoid complications in traffic. Two new gas boilers will replace one outdated oil-gas steam boiler in the heating plants.

Brno – Teplárny Brno will reduce the price of heat from March. The reason is the falling price of gas, the frugal behavior of their customers and the sale of electricity. For households, the price per gigajoule of heat will drop from the current 1,672 crowns to 1,485, i.e. by 187 crowns. Petr Fajmon, the general manager of the heating plants, told journalists today. Heating plants have doubled the price for heat since last November precisely because of the rising price of natural gas.

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“We can reduce the price for three reasons. The first of them is the drop in the price of gas on the markets, thanks to which we buy natural gas for less than we originally expected. The second reason is that the people of Brno save a lot on heat, thanks to which we use less gas, discharge fewer emissions and therefore we need fewer emission permits,” said Fajmon.

The last reason is the expansion of the cooperation between Tepláren Brno and the municipal waste company SAKO. “We sell their electricity and heat, we connected the dispatch centers of both companies and we calculate every day whether it is more profitable to produce more heat or electricity,” said Fajmon. but it is obvious that people are trying to save heat. “They behave responsibly and do not overheat unnecessarily. As a result, they heated up 14 percent less in November than a year ago, eight percent less in the colder December, and it seems that consumption will be 15 percent lower in January,” said the CEO.

The price of heat in Brno did not increase for a long time, the increase in the price for customers in 2019 was offset by the decrease in VAT. In autumn 2021, however, due to rising input prices, heating plants increased the price for households by a quarter to 784 crowns per gigajoule including VAT, and from November last year to 1,672 crowns including VAT.