Brno hockey players advanced to the quarterfinals, Pilsen tied the series with Liberec

>> Preliminary round of the extraleague hockey playoff – 4th match: BK Mladá Boleslav – HC Kometa Brno, March 12, 2023, Mladá Boleslav. Kim Strömberg from Brno (second from right) scores a goal.

Prague – Brno hockey players advanced to the quarterfinals of the extra league playoff. Kometa won 5:1 in Mladá Boleslav and won the preliminary round series 3:1 on matches. The next two games were decided in overtime and both series will continue on Tuesday. Pilsen defeated Liberec 2:1 and forced a decisive fifth match in the north of Bohemia, Olomouc won 3:2 after a turnaround in Karlovy Vary and leads the series 2:1.

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Hokejisté Brno advanced to the quarterfinals, Plzeň tied the series with Liberec

Hokejisté Brno advanced to the quarterfinals, Pilsen tied the series with Liberec

Hokejisté Brno advanced to the quarterfinals, Pilsen tied the series with Liberec

Hokejisté Brno advanced to the quarterfinals, Pilsen leveled the series with Liberec

Kometa led in Mladá Boleslav 2:0 already in the eighth minute, the lead of the Brno team increased to five goals in the third period. Holík and Ondráček each scored two points for a goal and an assist.

The only goal for the home team was scored by Finnish defender Lintuniemi, the author of both Mladá Boleslav goals in the winning game on Saturday. At the same time, the team from Brno last succeeded in Mladá Boleslav in October 2017, then lost twelve times in a row on the ice of Bruslař.

Mladá Boleslav missed the quarter-finals for the last time in 2018, when they did not even make it to the playoffs. In the past two seasons, she was equally wrecked only in the semi-finals at the championship Třinec. On the contrary, Kometa was eliminated last year in the preliminary round after a 2:3 defeat against Liberec.

Plzeň nad Libercem took the lead thanks to Zámorský's shot, which in the second period fell behind Kváča without running, but the goal was officially attributed to the shadowing Mertl. The White Tigers equalized in six minutes, after an individual action, Flynn shot through Pavlát from the left circle between the concrete.

In the set-up, Liberec first resisted Bulíř's exclusion and after the power play, Suchý had a chance, but he did not overcome Kváča. However, during Frolík's penalty, he already aimed exactly from the right circle of Pour in the 71st minute and averted the impending end of the season for West Bohemia.

Karlovy Vary lost in the second home match against Olomouc 2:3 in overtime. The Olomouc team leads the series 2:1 and will have the advantage of the home environment in the next game on Tuesday, as well as in the eventual decider on Wednesday to advance to the quarterfinals. The guests first erased a two-goal deficit in 22 seconds in the third period, then Jakub Orsava scored the winning goal in the 64th minute.

The first match on Wednesday in Olomouc was not completed due to ice problems, the management postponed the remaining two periods competition on Thursday. Karlovy Vary then started the series at home in the second match.

Preliminary round of the extra league play off – 3rd match:

HC Energie Karlovy Vary – HC Olomouc 2:3 in overtime. (1:0, 1:0, 0:2 – 0:1)

Goals and assists: 3. Koffer (Kohout), 25. Jiskra – 46. J. Káňa (P. Musil, Orsava ), 46. Dujsík (Bambula, Kusko), 64. Orsava (Ondrušek, Švrček). Referee: Jaroš, Šindel – Špůr, Šimánek. Exclusion: 4:3. Usage: 0:1. Spectators: 4329. Series status: 1:2.

Preliminary round of extra league play off – 4th matches:

HC Škoda Plzeň – White Tigers Liberec 2:1 in extra time. (0:0, 1:1, 0:0 – 1:0)

Goals and assists: 25. Mertl (Zámorský), 71. Pour (Báránek, Holešinský) – 31. Flynn (Balinskis). Referee: Úlehla, Stano (SR) – Gerát, Rampír. Exclusion: 6:7. Usage: 1:1. Spectators: 4879. Series status: 2:2.

BK Mladá Boleslav – HC Kometa Brno 1:5 (0:2, 0:2, 1:1)

Goals and recordings: 52. Lintuniemi (Pláněk, J. Stránský) – 2. Strömberg (Kundrátek, Holík), 8. Holík (Horký, J. Ondráček), 31. Flek (K. Pospíšil, Kučerík), 40. J. Ondráček ( Zaťovič, Vincour), 50. Đaloga. Referee: Šír, Sýkora – J. Svoboda, Zíka. Exclusion: 6:4, plus Štich (Mladá Boleslav) 5 min. and until the end of the match. Usage: 1:1. Viewers: 3835. Final status of the series: 1:3.

Next program:

Tuesday, March 14:

4. match:

17:00 HC Olomouc – HC Energie Karlovy Vary (series status: 2:1, results of matches in the series: 4:1, 4:7 , 3:2 in extra time; CT sport).

5. match:

19:00 White Tigers Liberec – HC Škoda Plzeň (series status: 2:2; results of matches in the series: 4:2, 0:6 , 3:1, 1:2 in extra time; O2 TV Sport).