BUAP.  Ricardo Paredes proposes change to support students

BUAP. Ricardo Paredes proposes change to support students

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BUAP.  Ricardo Paredes proposes change to support students

Veronica Lopez

Puebla / 09.17.2021 14:23:17

The candidate for the rectory of the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP), Ricardo Paredes Solorio, offered to implement a restructuring and a change in the institution to support students, teachers, researchers and workers.

During the presentation of your Work Plan before the University Council of the highest university, Paredes Solorio assured that his management will be based on five strategic axes: certification of the quality management system, trained teaching staff, basic research nucleus, administrative efficiency and local and global presence.

“We are going to work with each of the university students. There are more than 7,500 million pesos in the university. Today they require support, zero fee for students. Another action is the digital university. We have many platforms and work on one of our own. Why don’t we do an educational reform? ”, He pointed out.

He assured that the highest house of studies in the state of Puebla cannot be in a fight with the government of the state of Puebla and stressed the importance of supporting the development of regional complexes.

“The regional complexes are a great responsibility for the university because they must have the same quality as in the academic units of the metropolitan area of ​​Puebla (…). We have to fight outside. The university cannot be in a fight with the government as it is today, especially in regional complexes ”, he explained.

Paredes Solorio, who was director of the Faculty of Administration, pointed out that BUAP is a higher education institution that has stopped fulfilling basic activities for the development of the university community, therefore, its management will begin with the application of a diagnosis of the situation kept by the institution.

“All this has to land on strategies that can be shared with the university community. In a concrete way, we can promote quality management, join the collaborationism, civil protection, equity and equality, editorial promotion and sustainable and sustainable development. All of this based on institutional communication ”, he pointed out.

He assured that if he reaches the rectory, he will implement a free and open model to build integrative proposals and projects with the university community.

“My proposal is the change with direction. We are looking for this program and this proposal to reach all university students, a proposal that is based on consistency and in the future for the institution. What do we want students? What do we want teachers and teachers? We are going for a change ”, he stressed.