“Buon Ferragosto Virginia”: letter from a TPI reader to the editorial staff

“Buon Ferragosto Virginia”: letter from a TPI reader to the editorial staff

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“Buon Ferragosto Virginia”: letter from a TPI reader to the editorial staff

Letter from a reader of TPI to the editorial office:

Conte, he has never been a 5S, is completing the normalization that the establishment had been hoping for for some time. After regulating the grillini in the sober center-left location, so dear to him, he also took away from them the use of the word that “offends” the state thieves, the word as the only tool to reach that famous 33% without any shadow of violence, frightening state thieves more than the exercise of violence.

But Virginia makes the best of a bad situation, the dirty game of that PD who hated her since the first day of her inauguration, a hatred shared by other envious 5S in the Lazio Region, the same ones who have occupied top guarantee roles in the Movement , along with trumpets from other regions.

Virginia was massacred in the media, legally and materially by those she should now accept as allies. She suffered sexist insults, accused of incompetence despite the five years spent in the municipality as a councilor, criminally reported for laughable issues, acquitted twice because the first degree was not enough for a prosecutor.

Rome’s debt has not increased by a cent despite having to repay 500 million a year for the havoc generated by its predecessors (excluding Marino), starting with the twenty-year abandonment of the eight thousand km of the Capitoline road network.

The ATAC did not fail and did not pass to private individuals, in the ACEA supplementary contract Article 18 is again provided, the villas were demolished for those who reigned supreme for decades, houses were assigned to respectable Roma that the mayor has personally defended in the hell of that day when bald heads crushed the sandwiches destined for their numerous children, he collected waste with a municipal march of patronage if not delinquent connivance, with the TMB set on fire along with 200 bins from the start 2021, with an open war by those who should have received the collected material, that Lazio Region with PD traction, precisely that of the “future alliance”, the Lazio Region which in 2017, in full drought and with the Castelfusano pine forest in focus , closes the emergency taps of Lake Bracciano in Rome, leaving those who “dared” to elect that Mayor dry, with the Romans still insisting on throwing mattresses, bedside tables and televisions to the feet of the bins.

Virginia tries again after having rebuilt 800 km of roads and removing at least the holes from the rest, after having regularized each contract through public tenders. It cannot be expected that a city that has lived two thousand years in conflict with the corruption of the eternal power struggles, could, as if by magic, be, from one day to the next, like Geneva, but today, in Rome, less is stolen, “Se magna de meno” and this, in a small part, we owe to a character who will never share the table with Buzzi and Casamonica, as in the past did the “center-right” mayor Gianni Alemanno and the minister of labor PD Giuliano Poletti.

Virginia, even if you lose against other subjects placed there by those same sides that once ruined Rome and all of Italy, you will do it together with your mistakes but with honor and with your head held high.

Virginia, some of us know that you still breathe the air of the real Five Star Movement, even Conte knows it and it is not a good sign, but if you really can’t make it, it will mean that the Romans will have someone who will be able to represent them better and You will return to your small apartment in Octavia with the clear conscience of those who think that even that will be a good day to die.

Maurizio Contigiani