Caldor fire.  Wind Stokes Fire in Northern California

Caldor fire. Wind Stokes Fire in Northern California

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Caldor fire.  Wind Stokes Fire in Northern California


/ 22.08.2021 11:37:49

The ‘Caldor’ fire in the Sierra Nevada de California It has already destroyed a large number of houses and on Friday authorities closed a 74-kilometer (46-mile) stretch of Interstate Highway 50, the road that links the state capital, Sacramento with Lake Tahoe on the border with Nevada.

The firefighters dug trenches and protected perimeters as the winds animated this raging forest fire in the north of the state.

“We have a battle against this fire in front of us, and these winds are going to make things difficult for us, “Keith Wade, spokesman for the Department of Forest Fire Protection, said Saturday.

The road had to be closed due to debris thrown by the calls they fell on the road and due to the threat of winds of between 32 and 48 kilometers per hour (between 20 and 30 miles per hour).

By Saturday afternoon the winds “combined with the dry brush to create extremely adverse weather conditions“, indicated the meteorology service. The winds they climbed to 40 mph (65 kph) on Saturday.

The road is a strategic point in the battle against the flames, which exploded a few days ago and grew to 10 times its original size due to the force of the winds.

“We will dedicate all our efforts to contain this fire to the south“from the road, said Eric Schwab, an official with the department of forest protection.

The firefighters advanced on the western flank of the fire and burned brush to deprive it of fuel and to prevent it from reaching the evacuated community of Pollock Pines. To the northeast, the firefighters they protected cabins in a dense forest area.

The ‘Caldor’ fire It has devoured 310 square kilometers (120 square miles), moving through woody areas and rugged terrain.

The conflagration is one of more than 10 wildfires that have raged across northern California, incinerating at least 700 homes in the Greenville and Grizzly Flats communities in the Sierra Nevada.