Calgary Film Industry Recognized at Cannes

Calgary’film-industry recognized in Cannes

Calgary was shortlisted, but it was Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina that received the award for the city most committed to cinema.

Calgary's film industry was put in the spotlight at the Global Production Awards in Cannes, France.

Three permanent set companies, CL Ranch, John Scott Ranch and Albertina Farms, won Best Filming Location. This award highlights the importance of the creative contribution of places in the narration, but also the support and services provided to producers by the company.

For Teresa Copithorne , the owner of CL Ranch, which hosted the filming of The Last of Us series, among other things, it was an honor to be recognized in the face of international competition: I really did not expect it, underlines- she said with emotion.

“I think this award is going to have an impact on the film industry in Alberta, but also for the province in general. »

— Teresa Copithorne, owner of CL Ranch

Beginning of listing 5 item photo album. Skip the list?A permanent set is a permanent life-size reconstruction of an outdoor location. However, it remains malleable and can be adapted to the needs of a shoot like this Western-style town proposed by the company CL Ranch.CL Ranch's permanent sets are located 40 minutes from the City of Calgary.The CL Ranch sets are on skates, so they can be moved.All CL Ranch decors can be adapted as needed. The owner, Teresa Copithorne, chooses at the end of the shooting whether or not to keep the modifications made by the production.Many companies in Alberta offer permanent sets. However, according to the owner of CL Ranch, there is real mutual aid between the different places and no rivalry due to competition.1/5A permanent decor is a permanent life-size reconstruction of an outdoor place. However, it remains malleable and can be adapted to the needs of a shoot like this Western-style town proposed by the company CL Ranch.Photo : Supplied by CL RanchSee the previous imageSee the next imageEnd of the Photo Album list of 5 items. Back to the top of the list?

Calgary, meanwhile, came in as a finalist in the category of city most committed to cinema. This prize is awarded to a municipality whose investment has helped in the production of audiovisual productions, while developing local skills and stimulating its economy and cultural richness.

This recognition is a testament that Calgary is a destination of choice for large-scale global productions as we work together to create the right environment for them to succeed, says Calgary Economic Development Council Film Commissioner Luke Azevedo.

“Calgarians know that our city is one of the most promising in the film and television sectors. With this prize and this nomination, now the whole world knows it.

— Jyoti Gondek, Mayor of Calgary, in a statement

The Global production awards ceremony was held for the first time in 2023. This new event of the 7th art wishes to shine a light on the behind-the-scenes work of film and television productions around the world through a series of varied awards. Its panel ranges from the award for the most sustainable production to that of inclusiveness and diversity.

For its launch, the Global production award ceremony brought together a jury eclectic including the CEO of the International Sami Film Institute, Anne Lajla Utsi, the Director General of the European Network of Women in Audiovisual, Anamaria Antoci and the Vice-President of HBO, Jay Roewe.

This awards ceremony is intended as a meeting point between members of the film industry already present at the Cannes Film Festival, which takes place every year in mid-May.