California became the first state that banned discrimination against natural hair

Калифорния стала первым штатом, где запретили дискриминацию натуральных волос

California becomes the first state which banned the discrimination of natural hair. On Wednesday, the Governor of California Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) has signed a law that nowhere in the state can not be used any restrictions on this basis.

Senate bill 188, which was recently adopted by a unanimous decision in the meeting of the state of California and in the Senate, officially adds to discrimination on the grounds of race one point – natural hair.

“The professionalism was and still is closely associated with European characteristics, which entails the need to conform to Eurocentric norms and to change their appearance, sometimes radically and forever. Only people could be perceived as professionals,” reads the PostScript in the law. This means, for example, straighten curly African-American hair, or lighten the black color.

This law will allow non-white Americans to wear not only curls, but braids and other hairstyles that meet their taste and not the standards of the white race.

“We must change the culture as a whole, not only the laws,” – said the Governor of California.

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