Called 5 natural ways to make skin and body younger than chronological age

To make the skin and body younger chronological age in a natural way is to drink plenty of water, avoid Smoking, maintain a healthy weight. Experts have called five ways, says Times Now.

Названы 5 естественных способов сделать кожу и тело моложе хронологического возраста

To drink water. If you want to have younger, firmer, smoother skin, it is important to drink enough water. Moisture improves skin elasticity, prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

“Drinking water is the perfect companion to the smooth functioning of the body, it drinking provides detox, where the body remains young inside,” — said the expert.

To avoid Smoking. Smoking can increase the risk of diseases such as lung cancer and oral cavity, lead to the fact that the body will feel older. In addition, Smoking contributes to premature skin aging, loss of healthy color and thinning — all this can make a person older than chronological age in the eyes of others.

A healthy weight. Normal BMI’s (body mass index) is extremely important to feel, look and be younger than their biological age. Obesity or overweight can be a risk factors for many diseases during which the body grows old before its time, — hypertension, diabetes.

A regular exercise program. They strengthen muscles, loss of muscle mass is one of the markers of aging. According to Frank Frisch, Ph. D., Director of kinesiology at Chapman University, “physical exercise have a incredible influence on mental and physical health, can help the body to stay younger, no matter what a person’s chronological age”.

Support mind. Stress management and social activity, according to scientific experts, to help keep the mind active, which is very important for long health.

“Increasing awareness through meditation, more alone time with nature and yourself, as well as socializing with positive people around you can help to be younger,” — said the expert.

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