Can I lose weight in my sleep? Yes, if you sleep right

While sleeping, we also spend calories, but the success of “weight loss while sleeping” depends on sleep quality. Experts have told how to sleep to burn calories.

Можно ли похудеть во сне? Да, если сон правильный

“Studies have shown that the most strong power consumption during sleep, and hence burning of calories occurs in the fast phase, i.e. when the eyes are covered with eyelids, moving quite actively. Indeed, in this period of time is extremely vigorous work of the brain, and it requires glucose. At this time, also increase heart rate and blood pressure,” writes the newspaper AIF.

During sleep the body is busy “patching up holes”: for example, if you trained day, night it will try to rebuild muscle tissue. If you where hurt or hit energy will be used to restore the integrity of damaged tissues. Therefore, it is important to receive enough sleep while you are losing weight. If you sleep enough, your body will not have time to recover and effort in the gym will be wasted.

How many calories do we spend in sleep?

An hour of sleep, a person weighing 60 kg burns about 38 kcal. Consumption also depends on the sleep phase.

“If ever there is a feeling of fatigue, weakness, constant hunger, etc., you should think about how well you sleep. When existing violations ought to see a doctor to resolve the issue. Otherwise you not only will lose weight in your sleep, but also get more serious health problems. And this is detrimental to the overall quality of life and lead to adverse reactions and complications.”

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