Canary Island Consequences |  Costa Tropical Gazette News

Canary Island Consequences | Costa Tropical Gazette News

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Canary Island Consequences |  Costa Tropical Gazette News

by Martin Myall • September 20, 2021

So far there has been no loss of human life thanks to around 5,000 people evacuated from the proximity the volcano vents or in the path of the lava flows.

The amount of ash, contain toxic elements, is keeping people inside with windows and doors closed and ventilation turned off.

For the above reason the Island authorities have issued the following advice:

1) Remain at home keeping the house shut up.
2) Remove accumulating ash from flat roof and rain gutters.
3) wear a mask to avoid inhaling minute, toxic particles and wear long trousers and long-sleeves.
4) Avoid taking the car if possible (it kicks up settled ash) a keep speed to a maximum of 40kph.

There are now three separate lava flows, which has complicated matters. The lava is moving slowly which could cause the molten rock to form its own obstacles, causing it to change direction.

Although there is never a good time for a volcanic eruption, this couldn’t have come at a worse time because it is the beginning of the high season on the islands, which begins in autumn when mainland temperatures are starting to drop. Ten years trailing the 2008 economic crisis, joined to the consequences for tourism caused by the pandemic has severly damaged the Canary Islands tourism sector and all hopes were on a prosperous autumn …

(News: La Palma, Canary Islands – Photo: Canary TV)

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