Car and engine news updated by Newsauto on GOOGLE NEWS

Car and engine news updated by Newsauto on GOOGLE NEWS

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Car and engine news updated by Newsauto on GOOGLE NEWS

Google News is a Google service that allows users to receive and read news on various topics both online and offline with the ability to select topics of interest even from online newspapers. Google News it also provides greater visibility to the contents of publishers which can increase organic traffic, get conversions (and clicks) and consequently also improve brand reputation. For the publisher, more traffic means increasing advertising revenues which can guarantee an investment in fundamental qualified human resources.

Auto and motor news on Google News

There are so many and more and more topics and sections on Google News including those concerning cars and engines that collect news and articles about cars and engines. But let’s go in order and see what Google News is and then how to access the news of selected cars and engines.


What can be done with Google News? Why use it?

Google News in addition to reporting the news of your interest, it allows you to add bookmarks and share articles published on social networks or send them via email or via watzup, Telegram etc.

The news of Google News are shown to the user when logging in to Google for a normal search on both desktop and mobile, the news is clearly visible thanks to the carousels and everything is very fluid thanks to AMP technology.
By clicking in the “News” section you have direct access to “Google News”.

On the left column there are 8 sections (Italy, From the world, Local News, Business, Science and Technology, Entertainment, Sports and Health) under the top 5 which include “Top news, For you, You are following, News Showcase and Saved searches .

News auto and motors, news of cars, cars and motors on Google News of Newsauto

Where to find the news of cars and motors? Obviously also NEWSAUTO has a dedicated channel on Google news with different sections such as All news, News, Hybrid, EV electric, Guide, etc which are selectable from the menu.
It is possible to save the single news locally or share it. If you go to Newsauto within Google News you are on the right place where you can find news on cars and engines always updated, with news and insights on engines at 360 °!

How to subscribe to the NEWSAUTO Google News, car and engine news

To be always updated on news of cars and engines simply subscribe to Google News of NEWSAUTO. How to do? Just connect to the page of Google News from a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. It is not mandatory to log in (LOGIN) to read the latest Newsauto news which are always available for reading in plain text. BUT it is recommended to LOG IN and log in with the credentials of your Gmail user in order to save searches or specific pages of interest, by clicking on the FOLLOW button.

The moment you click on the button FOLLOW and you are not logged in, the screen below will appear inviting you to log in (or register if you do not already have a Gmail mailbox.

Car and engine news updated by Newsauto on GOOGLE NEWS

Google login screen, invitation to login to better use Google News


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