Car maintenance – EP.12: Consumable liquids |

Car maintenance – EP.12: Consumable liquids |

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Car maintenance – EP.12: Consumable liquids |

What are the main ones consumable liquids present in our car? And when is it time to change them so that they are always efficient? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when talking about the liquids that characterize any car. From brake oil to steering fluid, passing through that of the automatic gearbox: each of these fluids has its own importance and performs a very specific task, and it is not always easy to understand when you need to put your hand to replace them.

Let’s start from brake fluid, probably the best known to all. Basically, it is a synthetic compound that has its incompressibility as its fundamental peculiarity: due to this capacity we obtain a multiplied force when the pedal is pressed inside the hydraulic system, and we are therefore sure to apply simultaneously to all and four jaws a homogeneous friction force. In the engine compartment there is a calibrated tank, which indicates the current level of liquid present in the circuit: the precious advice offered by ReteRiparo, an emerging reality in the automotive workshop sector, remind us that the liquid in question it is highly corrosive, so in the event of topping up or replacing it is always better to always use the safety devices provided or leave it to your trusted mechanic, who has the necessary equipment and manual skills. decidedly superior dexterity dictated by experience and professionalism. The manufacturers do not have a standard timing for the change of this liquid.

We then move on to fluid dedicated to the steering, the presence of which is necessary to ensure the efficient functioning of the steering wheel and the right softness of the latter. If you ever feel that the steering has suddenly hardened, it is first important to take your vehicle’s manual by hand and check with it if the millimeter tray it contains enough oil for correct operation: often it is not a damage, but only a small leak.

Final remarks on automatic gearbox oil, designed to always be viscous at the right point and to continuously wet the rotating gears. Compared to engine oil, the method of use is similar, therefore the lubrication of the parts, while the way of working physically is very different. As for the times to be respected for changing the automatic gearbox oil, the manufacturer always indicates a period of use that it ranges from 100,000 to 180,000 kilometers, but this could be an incorrect value due to large temperature changes or improper use of the gearbox itself. Either way, one of the first symptoms that the oil may be old is that the automatic gearbox starts to tear.

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