Car Maintenance – EP.3: Extraordinary |

Car Maintenance – EP.3: Extraordinary |

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Car Maintenance – EP.3: Extraordinary |

The world of car maintenance is much bigger than you might think. To put each piece in its place, so as to have a clearer picture of the situation, it is good to distinguish between maintenance ordinary and extraordinary. While in the first case it is foreseen in advance where to intervene before breakdowns or damages can occur, the second derives from the need to prevent out of the box a breakdown or damage to the vehicle. To better exemplify the difference, let’s bring up the braking system.

Car maintenance – EP.2: The coupon

When thinking about maintenance of the braking system, we often only focus on the state of the tablets, forgetting, however, that the latter are attached to a shoe, which in turn is connected to a hydraulic system, and that all together exerts more or less force on the disc which is the part in rotation with the wheel on which we are going to apply a friction to generate a braking force capable of slowing or stopping a vehicle. The braking system is one of the components most subject to wear in a vehicle, and for this reason it has been designed to have a predictable and notifiable consumption. In a nutshell, for the braking system as well as for other components, the manufacturers program that in a life cycle they must last for a certain period of use, more simply for a certain number of kilometers. All this is part of routine maintenance.

The extraordinary occurs when the failure or damage found to the component in question, in this case the braking system, it is not budgeted. Let’s take for example those who drive in an extremely sporty way, with powerful and abrupt braking that wears all the parts of the braking system more and above all in an uneven way: as the precious advice offered by ReteRiparo, an emerging reality in the automotive workshop sector, it is good to know that every braking system, however good and perhaps self-ventilated, is not designed for the “race” mode, for this reason with this aggressive driving style the tablet does not wear as it should, and consequently the sensor that indicates the proximity of the end of life of that piece does not turn on. It can therefore happen that you go to brake, and that the car does not stop.

Car Maintenance – EP.1: Summer Aware

It could be that the high temperatures of the disc may have vitrified the tablet, and that therefore the latter has considerably lost its ability to create friction against the disc. Or it could be that the pad has actually resisted, but the disc has still worn so much that it loses much of its thickness, and as a result the shoe has to tighten a lot more than it did before. In short, the causes of the problem could be different, and all of them cannot be foreseen as they are connected to an inappropriate driving style. For this reason, whenever there is even the most small abnormal noise it is good to go to your trusted mechanic for a quick check: sometimes, simply describing how strange you have noticed is enough to make the professional understand what the problem is, and therefore how to intervene.