Car Maintenance – EP.4: Braking System |

Car Maintenance – EP.4: Braking System |

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Car Maintenance – EP.4: Braking System |

When you are inclined to buy a new car, when you go to choose the perfect model you first look at the bodywork, you look at power and performance, and then you evaluate if we can afford the purchase of this or that other. car. However, we often forget that it is true that it is the engine that pushes a car forward, just as it is equally true that there is another vital component that allows us to stop the car when needed: the braking system.

Car Maintenance – EP.3: Extraordinary

The question that many ask themselves is: if the brake is not adequate, how can we understand it before it can be an accident, albeit a slight one, to teach us that we have left out something important? As the precious signed advice reminds us ReteRiparo, an emerging reality in the world of car workshops, the braking system of each car is based on one jaw placed on each of the four discs of the vehicle, which tightens creating an increasing friction which, if not interrupted, causes the stop of the rotation of the tire and therefore the stop of the car. The shoe is controlled by the brake pedal, but indirectly: the pedal actually acts on the brake fluid pump, which, as the pressure in the circuit increases, tends to immediately close the clamping on the disc. A hydraulic system is used because great advantages are obtained in terms of performance, so as soon as the foot stops pressing the car is immediately free from the braking action and is therefore free to restart.

Car maintenance – EP.2: The coupon

The brake pedal acts on a hydraulic and therefore mechanical system, but it is also true that there is one in control of the same control unit that in real time, making hundreds of evaluations in a second, it could decide that the pressure we put on the brake is excessive, and then releases and resumes the pressure through a secondary circuit within our braking system. For what concerns ABS, a system that allows you to brake a moving vehicle without ever locking the wheels, it is not true that it guarantees early braking: it still allows you not to lose control and to greatly limit skidding.

Car Maintenance – EP.1: Summer Aware

Hydraulic circuit, jaws, pads, discs: all vital components of any braking system, which in one way or another are constantly subject to wear. In short, having the braking system checked regularly by a mechanic can be decisive. Great attention must be paid to brake fluid: it is not a simple fluid, but one mixture created in the laboratory so that it can work at minimum and maximum temperatures without freezing or evaporating, it is highly corrosive and toxic, so it must never be handled except by professionals.