Car maintenance – EP.5: The rims and holes |

Car maintenance – EP.5: The rims and holes |

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Car maintenance – EP.5: The rims and holes |

Potholes, ruts, uneven asphalt: the roads that intertwine in the great Italian cities do not show up almost never in optimal conditions. Certain sections are damaged by the continuous passage of large vehicles such as trucks, buses, buses, concrete mixers, while others are modified by the roots of the trees that, swelling and growing, break the road concrete bed and create dangerous depressions. All this is to the detriment of those who are preparing to drive on those roads with their own car, and above all to the detriment of circles of these cars.

Car maintenance – EP.4: Braking system

What happens if with our car on a hole in a road, which in Italy is often more like a chasm? Leaving the question aside for a moment safety, which clearly comes before any other speech, there are some things to know about the condition of the tires that are facing this mishap. As the advice offered by ReteRiparo, an emerging reality in the world of car workshops, the first organ to be damaged in the event of a hole or a depression particularly hostile to our mechanics is the tire, followed by the rim which in order not to feel alone it could involve the arms and shock absorbers. If we do not follow the order in which the components are damaged but the extent to which they are damaged, we realize that in almost all cases it is the rim that has the worst.

Car Maintenance – EP.3: Extraordinary

In the long run, in fact, the circles deform and the original inclination on the rotation axis varies, even if slightly: we can realize this through the vibrations that we feel on the steering wheel at low speeds. The tire will therefore begin to wear unevenly: there will be points on the tread that touch the asphalt more, and points that don’t touch it enough. Of course, if we leave out this significant symptom, the situation will only get worse, putting us and those we meet during our travels at risk. How heavy is it to solve the problem? Fortunately, that’s just enough rectify the circle, an inexpensive operation when compared to the possibility of having to buy a new rim.

Car maintenance – EP.2: The coupon

Another possibility is that a micro fracture has been created in the rim. In this case we will notice that one of our tires slowly starts to lose pressure: this is not a slow puncture in the tire, which in the worst case scenario will leave us with the tire completely flat by the end of the day, but a microscopic puncture in the rim, which before leaving us with the flat tire could put us even about ten days. In this case, a simple soldering may be enough to prevent this from happening. The worst case scenario concerns the deformation of the rim profile, or rather the part that keeps the rubber stuck to the rim. In this case, however small the damage may be, there is nothing to be done, any attempt to repair is only dangerous: it is a circumstance in which it is necessary to change the rim, especially if in alloy.