Cardi B boasts her advanced state of pregnancy

Cardi B boasts her advanced state of pregnancy

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Cardi B boasts her advanced state of pregnancy

Cardi B continues to await the arrival of her second baby, and the American singer is a few months away from giving birth to who will be the sister of Kulture, the 3-year-old daughter of Cardi B with his partner, the musician Offset.

Through a recent publication on her official Instagram account, the rapper surprised her followers by sharing a series of photographs of her wearing a tight black dress and ankle boots, which highlighted the singer’s belly. He also added images of his daughter Kulture in a yellow suit, a matching wallet and an iPhone.

“Me and my best friend, forever,” read the singer’s publication in reference to her eldest daughter.

Cardi B shows her pregnancy status on social media. Photo: Cardi B / Instagram

The messages for the artist were immediate. More than 23 thousand people tenderly received the photos posted by the American interpreter. Many congratulated the singer on the early arrival of her baby and how good she looks in the outfit, but it was little Kulture who got the most praise.

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