Catherine Kuhar in robe shared the most important safety rules on the quarantine

Catherine shared their first weeks at home

Екатерина Кухар в домашнем халате поделилась важнейшими правилами безопасности на карантине

Kuchar and Stoyanov the quarantine is definitely was given a great price. The pair had just been in Thailand, where they conducted long-awaited honeymoon, as they caught the news about the quarantine in Ukraine. The prima ballerina and the premiere had to urgently take the tickets and go home. However, Catherine Kuhar trying not to faint. Like many other colleagues, Kuhar from time to time shows his “Chronicles of quarantine.” And also shares the measures of safety and health in this difficult period.

So, she decided to sum up my first week #of azelerazioa!

On his instagram page Kuhar has published a new home photo. In the frame of the prima ballerina sitting in a comfortable velvet chair. Prima ballerina peacefully reading a book. Her blue silk Bathrobe. On a table next to the lit scented candle. The picture was very relaxed — just what is missing thousands of Ukrainians during this period.

“It’s important to conscious of the people became every day more and more.

So we will be able soon to overcome the spread of the virus,” says Catherine.

According to Kuhar, sitting at home is easy, but it is important not to relax.

“It turned out to stay at home is not so difficult. The main thing is to not tightened and not over, as in that joke: +10 kg, pregnancy and divorce. Everyone found something to their liking: online courses, training, communication with friends who wanted to socialize, reading, drawing, watching movies with a loved one, development of cooking, cleaning… anything!” — said Kuhar.

But not without mild anxiety in the post. The actress stressed that this is far from over.

“And now, we all know that the pandemic in Ukraine, only gaining its momentum, we should all prepare.”

Then Catherine highlighted the important points of self-defense.

Special masks. Try to find special masks! There are several choices of markings, including those that can be found in Ukraine:

  • FFP2 — retains ~92% of aerosols, blue strap;
  • FFP3 — holds ~95% of aerosols, red strap;
  • Additional markings:
  • NR — one change
  • R — reusable
  • D — is resistant to dust.

Wear them before leaving the apartment.

Wipes, gloves and antiseptic — mus hаve in your handbag. In the bag let always lie wipes, disposable gloves and antiseptic to be able to use them in the Elevator. And gloves will be useful in the supermarket. Although, in most cases, is already provided.

Products in packages treat with antiseptic. Vegetables and fruits should be washed with soap and water or a children’s tool for cleaning and be sure to cut the skin.

If you are among the people, keep a safe distance of 1.5-2 meters.

Grocery deliveries via the Internet (in large cities), large stores have taken care of our security and make contactless delivery. But the order is better to do beforehand, because stores are now a large download and turn.

“The most important thing! Now we all need to unite to stay home and not to allow the virus to spread further,” concluded Catherine.

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