Čechman was fifth in the keirin on the final day of the EC track cyclists

Čechman was fifth in the keirin on the final day of the EC track cyclists

Cechman was on the final day of the European Championship of road cyclists in the keirin

Harrie Lavreysen of the Netherlands after winning the keirin at the European Track Cycling Championships in Grenchen, February 12, 2023.

Grenchen (Switzerland) – Martin Čechman with the fifth place in the keirin, he ensured the best result of the Czech expedition on the last day of the European Track Cycling Championships in Grenchen. He followed the former continental champion in this Olympic discipline, Tomáš Bábek, who announced the end of his career shortly before the EC.

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The Čechman qualified for the grand final by winning the remedial run and third place in the second round. The title was won by two-time Olympic champion Harrie Lavreysen from the Netherlands, who also won the individual and team sprints in Switzerland.

“The championship was demanding and we recorded both worse and better results. We had a lot of young competitors who fought with the European top in the elite category for the very first time and unfortunately it was visible in a number of races. But we are very happy with some results, for example fifth Martin Čechman's place in the keirin is great,” Milan Kadlec, head coach of the Czech team, said on the association's website. “There are still six races left to collect points for the Olympic ranking, so we'll see how we do in the next opportunities,” he added.


< strong>Keirin: 1. Lavreysen (Netherlands), 2. Rajkowski (Poland), 3. Hoogland (Netherlands), …5. Czechman, 21. Šťastný (both Czech Republic) eliminated in repairs.

Madison: 1. Kluge, Reinhardt (German) 43, 2. Consonni, Scartezzini (It.) 34 , 3. Grondin, Thomas (Fr.) 32, …14. Voneš, Štec (ČR) did not finish.


Keirin: 1. Friedrich (German), 2. Finucane (Brit.), 3. Hinze (German), …19. V. Jaborníková and A. Jaborníková (both Czech Republic) both did not advance from corrections.

Madison: 1. Archibaldová, Barkerová (Brit.) 38, 2. Berteauová , Copponiová (Fr.) 25, 3. Balsamová, Guazziniová (It.) 19, …11. Kohoutková, Ševčíková (Czech Republic) -39.