Cecilia Bracamonte announces her return to the stage

Cecilia Bracamonte announces her return to the stage

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Cecilia Bracamonte announces her return to the stage

Cecilia Bracamonte prepares his return to music after the mandatory stoppage due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19.

His return will take place at the Grand National Theater at the end of September, with Moments, an exclusive face-to-face concert in which he will demonstrate that a year after his artistic diamond wedding anniversary, his music, his voice and his talent remain untouchable and touching hearts. .

“Together with a great team, we have been working on this project for several months. This September 28, I am going to sing all those songs that I always wanted and that for some reason I have not been able to interpret. I am preparing myself with the best I have, “added the interpreter of” Go, tell and tell me. “

Considered one of the highest representatives of criollismo because of her voice, Cecilia is grateful that the COVID-19 pandemic provides a respite to be able to reconnect with her long-awaited public, who will be able to listen to her live again, although this time with reduced capacity.

“As you look forward to seeing them again tonight at the Grand National Theater. I promise you that we will spend a magical and memorable night, which will be etched in your hearts as well as mine. The capacity is limited to comply with the protocols and to be able to enjoy the show in complete safety ”, said the artist.

Presentation information:

Day: September 28

Time: 8 pm

Place: Great National Theater (av. Javier Prado Este 2225, San Borja)

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